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Student Well-Being


School Social Workers

The Olentangy School Social Workers are licensed mental health professionals who also hold additional credentials through the Ohio Department of Education. They are responsible for assisting families and students with minimizing nonacademic barriers to learning. This can be done by linking students and families with resources and coordinating services in the community, as well as providing direct services to students while at school. Students may receive student support or counseling for a wide variety of concerns including (but not limited to): life stressors, peer difficulties, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and ADHD, as well as other issues. Referrals to the school social worker can be made through each building’s school counselor.

The Olentangy School Social Workers serve on the Delaware-Morrow County Youth Cluster Team, and the Drug Free Coalition and the Suicide Prevention Coalition. 

Contact Information

Audrey Amann, audrey_amann@olsd.us, (220) 219-6631

  • Elementary Schools: Johnnycake Corners, Walnut Creek
  • Middle School: Berkshire

Debbie Combs, debbie_combs@olsd.us, (220) 219-6622

  • Elementary Schools: Glen Oak, Oak Creek

Sierra Evans, sierra_evans@olsd.us, (614) 581-2747

  • Elementary Schools: Tyler Run, Wyandot Run
  • Middle School: Liberty

Ana Hincapie, ana_hincapie@olsd.us, (740) 272-0599

  • Elementary Schools: Indian Springs, Scioto Ridge

Dan Murph, dan_murph@olsd.us, (740) 272-1503

  • High School: Orange

Samantha Norman, samantha_norman@olsd.us, (740) 816-2261

  • High School: Olentangy

Katie Novak, katie_novak@olsd.us, (220) 219-6637

  • Elementary Schools: Freedom Trail, Olentangy Meadows

Tariq Oulidi, tariq_oulidi@olsd.us, (220) 219-6632

  • Elementary Schools: Arrowhead, Cheshire

Christie Owen, christine_owen@olsd.us, (220) 219-6636

  • High School: Liberty

Amara Sydnor, amara_sydnor@olsd.us, (740) 272-3724

  • Elementary School: Heritage
  • Middle School: Shanahan

Shaytell Taylor, shaytell_taylor@olsd.us, (740) 816-1793

  • High School: Berlin

Alisa Wabwire, alisa_wabwire@olsd.us, (740) 272-0946

  • Elementary School: Liberty Tree
  • Middle School: Hyatts

Jillian Willert, jillian_willert@olsd.us, (220) 219-6633

  • Elementary Schools: Alum Creek, Shale Meadows
  • Middle School: Orange



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Dear Families:

We are excited to announce that neighborhood bridges Olentangy is now up and running in our community! As a 501(c)(3) charity, the organization’s mission is:

To bridge communities with schools in providing basic needs, removing barriers, and seeking equity for students so they can engage and succeed in school and life.

Introduction Letter

Neighborhood Bridges Olentangy Mission and 2022 Summary