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Student Well-Being


Medications at School

Whenever possible students are encouraged to receive medications at home. If medications are required during the school day the Olentangy school nurses comply with the State of Ohio law and school policy.

Prescription Medications

Prescription medications may be administered by personnel designated by the school principal in grades k-12. Prior to administration of any prescription medication a physician’s medication request form must be completed by the physician who prescribed the medication.

This form must include:

  1. The name and address of the student;

  2. The name of the medication and diagnosis of the student;

  3. The dosage, route and time of the medication;

  4. The date the medication should begin and the date the medication will end;

  5. Any severe reaction or side effects of the medication;

  6. The name, address, and phone of the prescribing physician;

  7. The signature of the physician

  8. Special instructions for dispensing or storage of the medication; and

  9. The reverse side of the form must be signed by the parent

All prescription medication must be brought to the school by the parent in the original bottle in which it was dispensed either by the physician or the pharmacist, with the label correctly corresponding to the physician's order.

Non-prescription Medications

For grades K-12

Non-prescription or over the counter (OTC) medications may be administered at school by designated personnel.  Prior to administration of any OTC medication, the Parent’s Non-Prescription Medication Administration Request Form must be completed by a parent and the medication is to be provided by the parent in the original container. 

Students in Grades 6-12 may carry and self-administer non-prescription medications if the Self Carry Non-Prescription Medication Form is filed in the 

Medications left in the clinic after July 1 will be discarded.


  • Medications will not be administered until paperwork and medication are brought in to the school and checked for accuracy by the clinic staff.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent to provide the appropriate paperwork and medication.

  • All prescription medication will be locked in the clinic. Exceptions include:

    • Inhalers, which a student may carry if the physician approves.

    • Epi-Pens, which a student may carry, with a back up pen in the clinic, if the physician approves.

    • All physician prescribed emergency medications.