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Student Well-Being


Licensed School Nurses

Olentangy Schools has 12 licensed school nurses that cover multiple buildings in the district.  For questions regarding health screenings, immunization compliance, Individualized Health Plans (IHP), and 504's with medical accommodations, please contact the appropriate licensed school nurse listed below for your student's building. Each individual building also has clinic staff/clinic aide to assist students in the clinic with daily needs.

Christi Berridge headshot

christi berridge, BS, RN

Alum Creek Elementary, 740-657-4611
Cheshire Elementary, 740-657-5754
Olentangy Academy, 740-657-2069

Nurse Headshot : Carnevale

Judy Carnevale, BSN, MEd, RN

Olentangy Hyatts Middle School, 740-657-5412
Olentangy Orange High School, 740-657-5125
Olentangy Preschool, 740-657-4360 
DACC Preschool


Nurse Headshot : Farrow

Catherine FARROW, BSN, RN

Arrowhead Elementary, 740-657-4661
Johnnycake Corners Elementary, 740-657-5661
Olentangy Berkshire Middle School, 740-657-5207


Sara Fisher BSN, RN

Indian Springs Elementary, 740-657-4968
Olentangy Liberty High School, 740-657-4220


Tiffany Ford headshot

tiffany ford, BSN, MEd, RN

Scioto Ridge Elementary, 740-657-4823
Shale Meadows Elementary, 740-657-5838


Nurse Headshot : Geiger

Andrea Geiger, BSN, RN

Shanahan Middle School, 740-657-4312
Glen Oak Elementary, 740-657-5511
Olentangy Meadows Elementary, 740-657-5561


Nurse Headshot : Haney

Kara Haney, BSN, MSN, RN

Olentangy Orange High School, 740-657-5125


Nurse Headshot : Hite

Kim Hite, BSN, RN

Liberty Tree Elementary, 740-657-5611
Wyandot Run Elementary, 740-657-4861
Olentangy Liberty Middle School, 740-657-4403


Nurse Headshot  McCloskey

Sarah McCloskey, BA, RN

Heritage Elementary, 740-657-5011
Walnut Creek Elementary, 740-657-4766
Olentangy Berlin High School, 740-657-5933


Nurse Headshot : McCray

Jane McCray, BSN, MEd, RN

Freedom Trail Elementary, 740-657-5711
Olentangy High School, 740-657-4125
OASIS, 740- 657-4331


Nurse Headshot : Mewhorter

Jan Mewhorter, BSN, RN

Alum Creek Elementary, 740-657-4611

Nurse Headshot : Resor

Angie Resor, BSN, RN

Oak Creek Elementary, 740-657-4731
Tyler Run Elementary, 740-657-4911
Olentangy Orange Middle School, 740-657-5312