How many Calamity Days can the district take before it is required to schedule make-up days?

A recent change in state law requires Ohio's public school districts to comply with minimum hours of instruction rather than the previous requirement based on a minimum number of school days each year.

Under the new law, our high school students can be out of school due to calamity days for no more than 187 hours, or the equivalent of 28 school days. Likewise, our middle school students can miss school due to calamity days for no more than 158 hours a school year, or 24 days. Finally, our elementary students can miss no more than 175 hours, or 28 days.

In the very unlikely scenario where we miss more school hours due to calamity days than the state's minimum requirement allows, the district would then extend the school year by whatever difference remains to meet the state’s minimum hour requirements.

For more information on the subject, visit the Ohio Department of Education's "Guidance on Schedule Change from Days to Hours."