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Olentangy Cafeterias Serve Up New Options

To help appeal to a wider variety of staff and students, Olentangy Schools Food Service is offering new and enhanced food options.

At the elementary schools, two new vegetarian entree options are now available: Falafel Tots and Morning Star Farms Vegetarian Chicken Nuggets. These options meet healthy food guidelines and appeal to elementary age students. Also, starting today, all elementary schools offer breakfast. This gives parents an affordable and nutritious option to start their kid's day off right.

At our middle and high schools, Food Service is offering more customizable options where staff and students can build their own entrees. They include a mac and cheese bar, salad bar, and broth and noodle bar.

Some additional food options being offered in school cafeterias include a breakfast lemon bread, Ocean Spray Raspberry Lemonade Craisins (counts as a half cup of fruit), and cocoa cherry bars which meet Smart Snacks standards.

Also this year, some schools are testing a new molded fiber meal tray made of 100% recycled material and is 100% compostable.

Parents, remember that you can keep track of your student’s food purchases on PowerSchool. Go to Lunch and Fee Payments, click on your student’s name, and then click history.