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School-Wide Title Building

Our mission at Arrowhead Elementary is to facilitate maximum learning for every student. This year, Arrowhead elementary has changed from a Target Assist Title building to a School-Wide Title building.  So what does that exactly mean? In previous years as a Target Assist building, only students that qualified with Title criteria were able to receive services from our Title teachers and use materials purchased with Title funds. This year, as a School-Wide Title building, ALL students are able to benefit from services provided by our Title teachers as well as materials purchased with Title funds.  

Since all our students benefit from School-Wide Title services, all our students are considered Title eligible. Families of Title eligible students are asked to sign a Parent-School Compact. This compact states what the school will do to support our Title eligible students and what our families will do at home to support as well. This Parent-School Compact will be coming home on Friday. We ask that you please review the compact, sign, and return to your child’s teacher no later than October 12th.  

CLICK HERE to view our Parental Involvement Policy/Plan for 2018-2019.  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our building administrators Bridget McMillen or Derek French.