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Scheduling Information 2020-2021

Scheduling for the 2020-2021 academic school year has begun.  Below you will find the PowerPoint presentation made to each class, their course selection sheet, program applications and the course selection guide.  Please make sure that you take time to talk with your student about what classes that they want to take next year.  As we build the master schedule for next year's classes, classes will fill quickly and adjustments will be hard to accommodate.  Your student will need to come prepared with their completed course selection sheet when they meet with their counselors during their assigned meeting time.


Course Information:

Class Presentations:


8th Grade Parent Presentation:

Course Selection Sheets

Program Applications--ALL Applications are due January 21, 2020

Other Program Information

Other Scheduling Forms

Schedule of Students Meeting with Counselors:

  • Freshman: Week of January 16-22
  • Sophomores: January 27-31
  • Juniors: February 3-10


OLHS School Counselors