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Olentangy Berlin High School Logo Design Contest

Future Berlin High School students are invited to participate in ...



  • The Berlin logo must be designed by a future Olentangy Berlin High School student.
  • The Berlin logo may only use Olentangy Blue and Light Blue. Black and White may be used to outline, if necessary. 
  • The Bear logo must fit within the guidelines set forth by the Board of Education: “mascots must represent historical figures, groups, or animals, with no proper names.
  • The Black Bear is indigenous to Ohio, so is the preferred bear for the logo.
  • The Bear logo must be recognizable. When people see it, they must know what it represents.
  • The Bear logo must signify positive attributes (examples: strength, action, opportunity, forwardness).
  • The Bear logo may not display weapons of any type.
  • The finished Bear logo must be no larger than 4” x 4”. It must be easily printable and the colors must be easily separated for printing. If you have questions, please email Mr. Spinner or Mr. Betz: or
  • Entries can be submitted by one student or a group of students who will be attending Olentangy Berlin High School, but each student may submit no more than one entry total.
  • Three copies of your Berlin logo must be turned in with each entry form. See form link below.
  • Because the selection committee has the final word about valid entries, students should ask questions about the rules before submitting entries. Please email Mr. Spinner or Mr. Betz if you have any questions about what is considered an appropriate entry.


Entries must be submitted to Mr. Spinner or Mr. Betz as an email attachment, or turned into the reception desk at the Olentangy Administrative Offices, 7840 Graphics Way. All entries should be received no later than end of the day on October 20, 2017. All valid entries will receive a free gift certificate from a local restaurant just for participating!

DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR LOGO DESIGN. Instead, fill out the bear logo contest form included with the entry information with your name, current school of attendance, grade, and date and email or physically attach (staple) the corresponding entry form below with your logo.



Each entry that meets the qualifying guidelines will be reviewed WITHOUT NAME by a committee of students, staff and community members. This review committee will select 10 entries and post them at each high school and middle school for all students to review no later than Monday, October 31, 2017. Those students who will attend Olentangy Berlin High School will vote on an official logo on a designated day the week of November 5 during all lunch periods at each of the high schools and during 8th grade lunch period at the middle schools. In the event of a tie, a second vote to include only the tied entries will be held during the week of November 13.



**This form must accompany your logo entry either electronically or when turned into the reception desk at Olentangy Administrative Offices.