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2020 AP Exams - Update

AP Testing Update (posted 5/8/2020)
Please take a moment to read through the latest update for AP testing found here.

AP Testing Updates (posted 4/31/2020)
Click here for the most recent parent updates.
Click here for the most recent student updates.

AP Testing
There are a few updates regarding AP testing for the spring of 2020. Please read through the AP exam 2020 changes.
Please also view the sample student email that students who have registered for AP testing should have received. 

AP Testing Access Code
Students who used a school email with their CollegeBoard account will not receive emails from CollegeBoard and will not receive their testing access code through a school email.  They need to go into their College Board account and change the school email to a personal email.  Below are the directions on how to do this:
  • Log in to
  • Click on your name (upper right corner)
  • Next, click on "Account Settings"
  • Now, log in again
  • Click "verify"
  • Scroll down to "email address"
  • Replace school email with a personal email address
  • Click the update
  • Finished
Additionally, College Board has course specific exam information online to help students prepare for the online exam.  
If students have a question, they should reach out to their teacher.