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Immunization Requirements for Class of 2021 (Current Juniors)

Required Meningococcal Immunization for all Seniors enrolled in OLSD whether DACC, CCP, OASIS or Electronic school:

Ohio law mandates that all senior students have two doses of meningococcal immunization prior to entering 12th grade, unless parent or doctor would like to exempt the student from the vaccine. If the first dose was given on or after the student’s 16th birthday, the second dose is not required for his/her senior year.

Have your child immunized now if he/she has not received these immunization(s). Immunizations can be obtained at The Delaware General Health District (740-203- 2040), your physician’s office, or any clinic or urgent care center.

Students who have already had the meningococcal immunizations should turn their immunization record into their school clinic now. Please call the clinic if you have questions or if you want to know what is currently on file for your student.  The OOHS Student Services fax number is (740) 657- 5198.