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Calamity Day Information

  • How is the decision made to cancel or delay school?

    The determination as to whether school is delayed or closed is based on a wide variety of factors. The process begins at 4:15 a.m. when a team of school district employees assesses the conditions by driving in assigned areas throughout the district. After evaluating the weather and road safety, the staff members meet to discuss the conditions. The assessment is reported to the superintendent, along with reports from other area schools and any law enforcement officials they have contacted. The superintendent reviews all of the reports and generally makes the decision to close or delay school between 5:15 and 5:30 a.m.


    A two-hour delay is scheduled only if the district believes that conditions may clear up enough to ultimately have school. To ensure the conditions have improved sufficiently to have school, the district employees begin a second assessment and report findings to the superintendent. Parents should continue to monitor their phones or TV and radio stations in case conditions do not sufficiently improve and warrant closing of school for the day.


    The Olentangy Local School District covers 95 square miles of diverse terrain. Please be aware that, at times, inclement weather conditions that appear in one portion of the district may not be as severe in another, but may warrant a delay or closing of school for overall safety reasons.


    NOTE: To ensure that you receive district communications, including delay and closure notifications, you must complete the Emergency Medical Form in Powerchool. Parents of high school students with a cell phone can also ensure their student(s) receives the notifications via text by including the student's number in the Emergency Medical Form. Instructions for accessing the form can be found here: Parent Resources: PowerSchool.