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Olentangy Summer School Academy 2019

Olentangy's 2019 Summer School Program will be held June 3 through July 8, 2019. Registration opens March 1, 2019. You must register online in the Power School Parent Portal. Your guidance counselor cannot register for you. The cost is $210 per course. Registration ends at midnight, May 30.

If you live in the district but do not attend an Olentangy school, you may still register for a summer class.  Your final grade will be reported back to your private school - we will collect that reporting information from you at registration. Call the summer school secretary for registration instructions. Call 740-657-5800 or email

OLSD summer school is open for Olentangy students and Olentangy residents only.


  • Enroll in summer school if you and your guidance counselor believe you will not pass a course needed for graduation. Please talk with your counselor and parents when choosing this option.
  • If you are considering taking a course to accelerate learning, please consult with your content area teacher and school counselor.


There are three different delivery methods for summer school classes at OLSD. Depending on the course, you may be taking a Schoology course that is 100% online. Those classes are CP English 9, 10, 11 and 12, Physical Education; and Health.

Or, your class may be online with face-to-face tutoring offered. The course delivery method for those classes is called APEX.  APEX courses are Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, PreCalculus, CP Earth and Space Science, World History, Geography, Economics, U.S. Government, and U.S. History. Tutoring sessions are from 9 am to 12 pm every Tuesday and Thursday in June, beginning Tuesday, June 4. The sessions are held at Olentangy Shanahan, 814 Shanahan Rd, Lewis Center.  

Finally, a traditional class called Lifetime Fitness I and Lifetime Fitness II will be offered.  Both of these classes will meet the high school graduation requirement for Physical Education. These classes require the student to meet with the instructor and classmates outside building walls. View the LifeTime Fitness session schedules.

See each of the three linked course descriptions above for more information about Schoology, Apex and the two Lifetime Fitness Courses.




There are 80-120 hours required per course. Please keep this accelerated pace in mind as you are choosing your courses and choose wisely. We suggest a maximum of two courses only. You will need to set a schedule for yourself to keep pace and finish on time.


There is a mandatory orientation at Olentangy High School June 3 for APEX and Schoology students. Schoology orientation will be at 5 pm.  Apex orientation will be at 6 pm. At this time, students will receive their login credentials and passwords. 

Lifetime Fitness I and II (only) students will be required to attend an orientation meeting on May 7 at 3:30 PM at OOHS.  Session I of LTF I and II will be May 28-July 2.  Session II of LTF I and II will be June 18-July 30.  FYI, you may not take Session I and II at the same time, but you may first take session I, and then take session II, if desired. 


Do I need to take the Ohio's State Test? The end-of-course Ohio's state tests will be required for students taking Algebra 1 and Geometry (July 16), U.S. Government and U.S. History (July 17), and CP English 9 and 10 (July 15)  You will be asked at registration if you plan to take the test. If you answer no or leave that question blank, you will be expected to take the test in the late fall at your home high school. You may study for these tests by going to the Schoology test prep.  The access code for the course is 5DQHR-MQPW7


Questions? Call the summer school office at 740-657-5800.


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