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Living History Speaker Series

This year we started an exciting initiative here at OOMS!
Once per quarter we invite in a speaker who is an expert about a time in history or who has experienced an event in history and has a story to tell.  Last year we had a 9/11 survivor come in during lunch.  Students could sign up to attend and eat lunch while learning from the speaker.  It was a huge success and we wanted to offer these opportunities more often to our students, so the Living History Speaker Series was born.

Living History Speaker 1
On November 11th (Veterans Day), we hosted our first speaker, who is a collector and expert on WWI and WWII.  The presentation focused on WWII.  Students in each grade level signed up to listen to his presentation during their Academic Assist and lunch period.  It was a huge success!  He taught students about WWII through his amazing artifacts in his collection.  The students loved it!  Enjoy some pictures in the gallery below. 

Living History Speaker 2
Speaker Rokey Suleman came Friday, December 13th! Mr. Suleman travels around the world to different countries and helps them with the election process. Mr. Suleman has helped monitor and support elections around the world in more than a dozen countries from Afghanistan to Egypt to Ukraine. He has helped these nations begin their democracies, and hold free elections allowing people to choose their own leaders for the first time. He as worked abroad with the United Nations and the Organization for the Security and Cooperation in Europe. He has worked in the U.S. with election commissions in various states. He has also testified as an expert witness three times before Congress.

He did an excellent job sharing his experience and answering questions from our inquisitive students!

For all speaker sign-ups:
Social Studies teachers have spoken with students about sign-ups, which are available via a link in Schoology.