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Introducing the New Olentangy Schools Brand



On April 11, 2019, the new brand strategy for Olentangy Schools was launched, and the timing could not be better. Pride in Olentangy Schools is evident across the entire district. We are consistently ranked among the best schools in the country. We are recognized for our academic excellence, the diversity of our programs, and the wide range of opportunities that we offer our students, staff, parents and the entire community. We work hard and it shows.

As our district grows, we continue to build excitement and positive momentum. Part of that momentum includes developing a fresh brand strategy and identity for Olentangy Schools. One that truly illustrates who we are, what we believe, and how we achieve success. 

The brand strategy and supporting brand elements were developed with extensive feedback from a wide range of stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, staff members, our school board, support organizations and community members.

Our new logo consists of abstract figures with reaching arms that reflect the essence of achievement and success. And the circular shape reflects how each individual contributes to the “One Olentangy” community. Our new tagline is Flourish Here. because we seek to provide an environment in which we can all grow in a healthy and vigorous way.

                                                                         Olentangy Schools Logo

However, our brand is more than a logo or a tagline. It’s a holistic guide that helps us all understand the unique qualities of Olentangy Schools, and it provides a strategic foundation on which we can continue to make sound decisions.

We invite you to view our Brand Video and look through the Brand Guide as it contains all the essential information you need to understand the Olentangy Schools brand elements, why they are important, and what they mean to the organization. Olentangy Schools will benefit enormously from creating and maintaining a strong, distinctive and consistent brand that directly supports our mission, to facilitate maximum learning for every student. I look forward to continuing to work alongside each of you to create an even stronger Olentangy Schools for our students and community.


Mark T. Raiff






 Mark T. Raiff
Superintendent of Schools

Olentangy Schools Brand Book








View the Brand Guide



What are the benefits of a brand?

  • Defines Culture: A brand will define what the organization values and guides all behaviors and decision-making.

  • It’s Tangible: A brand is largely abstract, so a solid brand development process will yield tangible ways the brand can be defined and how to “live it” and implement it.

  • Guides Hiring Decisions: Organizations can hire based on the brand values and personality.

  • Differentiates: A brand is a competitive advantage and separates the organization from the 
others in the category.

  • Creates an Object of Desire: A solid brand will help an organization connect emotionally with its 
various constituencies.

  • Guides Communications: A brand strategy is the foundation for the voice, content and persona of the organization's communications and messaging.

  • Creates Consistency: Creates internal alignment within an organization.

  • Simplifies Decision Making: Is this consistent with our brand? Yes or no.

  • It’s Teachable: The brand can be taught and passed down to new students, staff, or any others.

Why did the district feel a rebrand was necessary?

In the last decade, our district has experienced unprecedented growth, increased diversity, academic excellence, and so much more. It’s essential that our brand represents who we are, what we believe and what we value.

What do you hope to achieve with the rebrand? 

Our new logo, tagline and brand pillars clarify our strategic direction and bring meaning to our district. They speak for us and show what we stand for: opportunity, community, pride, excellence and achievement. Our students, staff, community and people outside of our community will now have a clear sense of the Olentangy culture and what makes us special.

How did you develop the new brand? 

Together with our agency partner, Cult Marketing, we interviewed a variety of stakeholders throughout the district: students, staff and community members. Participants answered a series of questions and participated in group activities. Together, they influenced the design of the new logo and the brand identity that reflects the positive energy of Olentangy.

How would you describe the new logo?

The new logo features abstract figures with reaching arms that repeat in a circular star shape. The reaching arms reflect the essence of achievement and success. The color of the reaching arms—in Olentangy blue and turquoise—represent each student’s individual personal success. The circular shape of the illustration reflects how each individual contributes to the “One Olentangy” community. The accompanying tagline, “Flourish Here” captures the energy of the district.