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District Recruiting Efforts Yield Positive Results

To ensure Olentangy Schools can continuously support enrollment growth, the district's human resources department has developed a robust staffing plan that attracts top talent to the district.

While Olentangy Schools is considered a destination district — attracting a large pool of candidates — it takes ongoing strategic effort to attract qualified candidates. To do so, during the 2018-19 school year, the human resources department hosted eight job fairs, attended 27 certified career fairs, launched a LinkedIn page, and posted opportunities on internal and external job boards. Those efforts yielded more than 3,000 new applications and resulted in the hiring and onboarding of 226 new employees for the 2019-20 school year.

Olentangy Schools has 2,623 staff members. Of the 93 new certified teachers hired for this school year, 52 were hired to support district growth. As of late August, the district has 22,106 students, which is approximately 1,000 more students compared to this time last year. Currently, district enrollment makes Olentangy Schools the sixth largest district in Ohio, and the rate of growth is not expected to slow down for many years to come.

The human resources department continues to increase its efforts to attract more minority candidates to the district. They enhanced the utilization of the District Diversity Committee Referral Program and became active members of many minority recruitment organizations such as Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Nemnet Minority Recruitment and The National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). These efforts continue to yield positive results aligned with the Olentangy Schools Minority Recruitment Plan.