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Inklings Writing Competition 2020

Congratulations to all the Heritage students who shared their writing for the Inklings Writing Competition!

We have some amazing writers! We enjoyed reading them all! Please continue to support our writers and encourage them to share their work!


Below are our finalists that are moving to the district judging:


Fiction category:

“The House of Evergreen Woods” by Ahana Jha, 5th grade

 “The Music Box” by Clara Jones, 5th grade

“Just A Little Luck “by Elizabeth Walker, 5th grade

“Shadow Princess” by Gayathri Ganduri, 5th grade

“My Boy Toy” by Tia Cooper, 5th grade

“The Hidden Officer” by Tiya Kotwani, 5th grade

“The Sisters” by Vanessa Reznik, 5th grade

 “Almost pro #1 Vah Ruta” by Eli Acker, 3rd grade

“The Last Day of School Surprise…." By Paisley Hays, 3rd grade


Poetry category:

“My Dog Penny” by Max Fernandes, 3rd grade

“The Peace in War” by Michael Walker, 3rd grade

“Substitutes, Substitutes” by Viha Talanki and Sahasra Talapaneni, 3rd grade



Argument/Essay category:

 “Zoombezi Bay” by Michael Walker, 3rd grade


Karey Dyer
Gifted Intervention Specialist