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Proposed OHESPTO By-laws Changes

According to the current regulations of the OHESPTO, by-laws are to be reviewed every four years. In compliance with that, the PTO and Board of Directors have reviewed the by-laws and are proposing the changes summarized below. These changes will be presented to the general membership for consideration and vote at the next General Meeting on January 8, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the library at HES.


Article VI: Eligibility--to ensure a smooth transition and continuation of function from term to term, we propose adding the following eligibility requirements for Executive Committee Members:

  • To run for president, nominees must have served on the Executive Committee; if no Executive Committee members are available, nominations are open to those who have previously chaired at least one PTO event; if no chairs are available, nominations will be open to the General Membership
  • To run for other offices on the Executive Committee, nominees must have previously chaired at least one PTO event; if no chairs are available to run, nominations will be open to the General Membership

Article VII: Officers--we propose making the following adjustments to more closely align with the current structure of the Executive Committee

  • Two people can share the office of President, Vice President, and Treasurer
  • Eliminating Vice President At-Large; both VP officers will have the same responsibilities and functions

Article VIII: Duties of Officers--we propose that treasurers will be elected for a term of two years.

Article IX: Executive Committee--we propose that once elected, members of the Executive Committee commit to attend at least 80% of Executive Committee meetings. Attendance will help expedite the business of the Executive Committee and ensure all responsibilities are being met.

Article XI:We propose to change the number of regular Membership meetings from five to three.



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