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Red Ribbon Week

RED RIBBON WEEK is OCT. 28 to NOV. 1!!

This is a week that HES students talk about and celebrate ALL Safe & Healthy choices we make.  Dress Up days are optional.  This is the perfect time to discuss safety as a family.  Below are some guiding questions related to the dress up days to get your chats started.  A paper will be coming home with our dress-up themes… Kindergarten will get to participate for TWO weeks because of the kindergarten schedule and will have their own separate theme days sent home as well.

Monday Oct.  28-We are RED-y to Make Safe and Healthy Choices- wear red.  What are your safety rules as a family?  


Tuesday Oct. 29- Stay Strong and Make Safe Choices- wear sports gear or workout gear.  What are your favorite ways to exercise?  Find a new way to get your heart pumping this week!


Wednesday Oct. 30- Make Your Dreams Come True - wear pajamas.  What goals do you have for your life? How can you achieve them? 


Thursday Oct. 31- Say "Boo" to Unsafe Choices- wear orange and black, fall themed t-shirts, necklaces or sweatshirts.  What is your favorite fall holiday?  Why?  What are some ways you can celebrate safely? 


Friday Nov.  1- Our School is Cool, We Make Safe Choices- wear HES spirit wear.  What do you love about HES?  What changes do you suggest to make our school safer and our students healthier?