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Attendance, House Bill 410 and Bus Pass Information


If your student is going to be absent from school, please notify the office to inform us of their absence. Without this notification, Ohio Law requires that the school contact parents by phone or letter to inform them of the absence.  If your student is going to be absent or late, please call the front office at 740-657-5500.

Absence Guidelines:

  • Tardy-Students who arrive within 90 minutes of the school starting time or are out of school for 90 minutes during the day will be considered tardy.
  • Half-Day Absence-Students who are in school for more that 90 minutes but less than 3 hours and 20 minutes will be considered a half-day (1/2 day) absent.
  • Full-Day Absence-Students who are in school for less than 3 hours and 20 minutes will be considered a full-day absent.


Excessive Absences and Truancy

The Ohio General Assembly recently passed House Bill 410 to encourage and support a preventative approach to excessive student absences.  With the implementation of House Bill 410, the counting of absences changes from days to hours. Here are some important points to know about the new law.

  • Attendance is important.  As early as elementary school, students who miss just 2 days a month, regardless of the reason for the absence, are more likely to fall behind academically and less likely to graduate.  This is true regardless of race, ethnicity, language, family income, and other variables.
  • The new law focuses on habitual truancy. Habitual truancy is when a student is absent without a legitimate excuse 30 or more consecutive hours, 42 or more hours in one month, or 72 or more hours in one school year.
  • A school must create a Student Absence Intervention Plan when a student is habitually truant.  
  • A Student Absence Intervention Plan is a student-centered, personalized plan that addresses barriers to attendance when a student becomes habitually truant.  The school, the family and the student will collaboratively develop the plan. The plan spells out agreed-upon strategies for improving attendance.
  • The new law also addresses excessive absences.  Excessive absences occur when a student is absent with or without a legitimate excuse for 38 or more hours in one month or 65 or more hours in the school year.
  • The goal of House Bill 410 is to decriminalize truancy.  However, there is still the potential for court involvement even with a Student Absence Intervention Plan.  Once a plan is in place, a complaint against the student will be filed in Juvenile Court 61 calendar days after the plan has failed or if the student has been absent without legitimate excuse for 30 or more consecutive hours or 42 or more hours in a school month during the plan's implementation.


Early Release:

If your student is leaving early for the day or has a doctor's appointment, please send a note in with your student.   You will need to come into the office, sign your student out, and we will call them out of class at that time.  If your student is getting picked up by someone who is not on their Emergency Medical Form, we will need a note with a parent/guardian signature on it before we will release your student. Please notify the person picking up your student that we might ask for identification.  If your student is going for a Doctor's appointment, please ask them for a school excuse and have your student give that to their teacher or the office the next day.  A student coming or returning to school during school hours needs a parent/guardian to sign them in at the office.


Bus Passes:

In order for your student to ride a bus home with another student, we will need a note signed by a parent/guardian.  The note must include your student's first and last name, the first and last name of student they are riding home with and the bus #.  These notes need to be turned in at the beginning of the day to their teacher.