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One School, One Book

The purpose of One School, One book is to provide a way to bring your family together through reading. Each week questions and activities will be posted here and on the Blue Holly Blast to get you and your family talking about the book! Here is the signature sheet to go along with the questions and activities in the upcoming weeks. 
After finishing the book there will be a family fun event on Wednesday, February 27th  from 6:30-7:30. There will be plenty of exciting activities to help us celebrate and reflect on the The World According to Humphrey.  Click here to see optional extension activities for your family to complete at home and display at the family fun event. 

We want to see how it’s going…Feel free to post any pictures to Instagram while reading or completing activities with the hashtag #GlenOakOSOB Or you can email photos or any updates you want  to and we can’t wait to see what your family is up to! Please let us know if you are participating in One School, One Book by clicking here

Week 1 - January 16, 2019
Chapter 1: If you could choose to get a pet from the pet store what would you choose? Why?

Chapter 2: How did Humphrey feel when he was left alone? Talk about a time you felt the same way.

Chapter 3: Name some character traits to describe Aldo. Find evidence from the text to support your answer.