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District Addresses Vaping

Vaping has become an epidemic among youth across the country, and we’re feeling the effects in our district. The Centers for Disease Control report nearly 38 percent of all high school students in the country have tried vaping at least once, and that statistic is likely underreported.

To combat this growing problem, the district recently has taken two significant steps toward prevention. First, students who are caught in possession of e-cigarettes, tobacco or vaping devices will now be given a three-day out-of-school suspension. The suspension may be reduced to one day at the discretion of an administrator if the student and his/her parent/guardian agrees to enroll the student in, and completes, an assessment with a certified chemical dependency counselor.

District leadership is also seeking Board of Education approval to move forward with the purchase and installation of vape detectors in all high school bathrooms. A test of the device proved that it’s very effective at detecting vape fumes. Also, the digital component of the device sends immediate alerts to administrators so swift action can be taken.

By taking these steps, plus expanding educational efforts to teach students about the dangers of vaping, we are hopeful that we will have fewer infractions at school and that students will choose a life free of tobacco products. We also encourage parents to speak with their children about the dangers of vaping and to know the warning signs of e-cigarette usage. To learn more about the risks of vaping, visit Know the Risks: E-Cigarettes and Young People.