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ALE/Travel Information

The Olentangy Board of Education recognizes that educational experiences are not limited to those taking place within the building. It is desirable to afford students the opportunity to take advantage of an unusual opportunity to learn, provided those experiences have obvious educational benefits. The ALE form allows up to ten (10) days of absences to be excused. If approved, school absences due to an ALE count as absences and state laws about excessive absences still apply. Teachers will not be required to give homework assignments prior to the absence.

Upon receiving an ALE or vacation request, the building administrator will do one of the following:

  a. approve the request
  b. give conditional approval to the request
  c. deny the request.

Requests that would cause a student significant academic risk may be conditionally approved by the building administrator pending the student satisfactorily achieving relevant academic expectations. It should be noted that additional days absent, beyond the ALE or vacation could negatively impact the student academically (e.g. Third Grade Guarantee). An ALE will not be approved for longer than 10 days. Absences that are not approved for an ALE or vacation may be marked as unexcused.