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Principal's Message: Berlin High School Update


Hello Bears!


What a fantastic feeling to be able to sit down and reflect on what a great year we had at Berlin while I send out the first ever (you might even say HISTORICAL) end of the year email to all Bear parents!  It seems like only yesterday that 5,000 community members, students, parents, members of the media and others were gathered in the front of the building waiting for the doors to open.   However, since that time, we have had a full academic school year, 3 full athletic and extra curricular seasons and TONS of awesome / landmark events here at 3140 Berlin Station Road!  I am going to take a few moments and walk down memory lane for the 2018 - 2019 school year and list some of those in this email.  


I know that I will most likely forget a few, so feel free to add those to your own list of BERLIN first year memories and share with other family members of the Double Blue as you are out and about this summer!  


  • Ribbon Cutting ceremony

  • Car wash fundraisers (several groups and clubs)

  • Tours of the building by our CLAW-TEAM

  • Filling of two trophy cases with original Berlin memorabilia

  • Meet the Bears nights (4 of them)

  • Community Ice Cream social at "The Cheshire Market"

  • First home football victory on opening night.  The stadium was standing room only!

  • First ever singing of our Alma Mater around the Bear on the field after the "W"

  • The junior breakfast courtesy of our junior parents

  • The fight song being played and cheered on by the Band and the cheerleaders! 

  • Pep rallies (8 total for the school year)

  • Homecoming Spirit week (we had 6 throughout the year)

  • Homecoming dance 

  • Homecoming Bonfire 

  • Homecoming parade

  • Dodge-ball game (table 28 took home the trophy)

  • Clap out for our swim team

  • Playoff appearances by soccer, softball, baseball etc..

  • Veteran's day parade - awesome!

  • Obie the Bear all year long

  • 5 fantastic editions of the THE BULLETIN produced by our students!

  • Seussical the musical packed the auditorium

  • Junior cookout

  • Opportunities in and around the building watching our students lead and mature every day!

  • Many awesome apparel options offered by our school store and marketing department

  • Top 5 most spirited high school in the COUNTRY and only school in the state of Ohio!

Tons of catch phrases and "sayings" that are just a part of everyday BEAR language:

  • "Great day at 3140 Berlin Station Road"

  • "It is Historic, or #Historic"

  • "Berlin Pride...It's Forever!"

  • "Clawsup!"

  • "DoubleBlue!"

  • "Bears o​n 3!"

  • "Hibernation is over"

As I mentioned above, I know that I most likely left out some events or activities, but that is the great part about being a family, you will forgive me or at least send a nice email to remind me about a couple of your favorite events or memories!


With all of that being said, I would like to end this "Year in Review" email with some simple yet VERY sincere thank you's.  First, a big thank you to our "Friends of Berlin" for not only their friendship, but for loaning us all of the artifacts and memorabilia that are in the display cases in the commons.  They remind us all that the Berlin tradition is a rich and long lasting one that began in 1915 when the doors to the original building opened.  


Next, I would like to thank all of our community members and businesses for their partnerships and friendships.  The cookouts, friendships, generous donation of time, resources and overall support have been amazing.  


The OLSD leadership team and the Board of Education for the constant leadership and support.  


To our parents...  THANK YOU!!  You have been there to help, support, lead, volunteer and be a part of this fantastic journey during our very first school year.  


Last but certainly not least, thank you to our students and staff.  Day in and day out, they were not only present, but willing and excited to do whatever it took to make this the best school in the best district in the state of Ohio. I truly believe that our staff is the "DREAM TEAM" and bought in 100% to our mission and belief statement as we made this historic year a huge success.  The students reached and exceeded most of our expectations and never stopped impressing and amazing me with every new activity, lesson, game or event they were involved with throughout the school year.   


In closing, as fantastic as this year has been, I know that the best is yet to come in 2019-2020!  We have a whole new class of students and parents along with 18 staff members joining the BEAR family and I cannot wait to see all of the new memories and accomplishments we add to the already impressive list of successes!


That is all for now.  I will be sending some additional emails and communications over the summer along with twitter updates that will have dates and times of events.  Until then, please have a safe and happy summer with family and friends, and please always remember that "BERLIN PRIDE...IT's FOREVER!"




Mr. Todd D. Spinner

Olentangy Berlin High School




Bears -


Wow!  The last Friday of the school year is tomorrow.  First, I want to thank all of you for your continued support and positive energy throughout the entire year!  We celebrated all of the many accomplishments together as a Bear family.  We also came together as one when it was time to mourn the loss of one of our own.  Time and time again, I was impressed and truly excited about everything that occurred over the course of this HISTORIC school year.  So, thank you!


With that being said, I have 3 requests as we make the turn into exam week.  So, here we go:


1 - Please remind your student to wear Double-Blue tomorrow.  It is our last Friday, and I know that our yearbook staff is looking to fill 2-3 more pages, and tomorrow will be a great day to do that!  Also, I want our students to take a minute and celebrate with a few pictures / selfies as well.  


2 - Thank you for all of your positive support and efforts to vote for OBHS during the "most spirited  high school in the country" contest.  We ended up top 5 in the country!  The school that won was located in Philadelphia.  Something that I shared with the whole building was that there were 648 entries.  WE were the only school in Ohio to make the finals and to do this in the first year of existence??  #Clawsup!


3 - Exam Week - Please have a conversation with your student about exam week.  A couple of things to remember would be the following: 1) If you do not have an exam, you should either be in the commons or out of the building.  2) You cannot be late to exams.  If you are late, the teacher or an administrator reserves the right to not allow you in the testing room.  So, be on time.

Final Exam Schedule

That is all for now.  Once again, thank you for all that you have done and for all that you continue to do!


"Berlin Pride...It's Forever"


Todd Spinner


Olentangy Berlin HS




Hello Bear Families,


The last couple of weeks were not easy here at Berlin, but as I told our staff; "It is easy to rally the troops and support each other in the good times, but when things get rough, that is when a true family comes together."  This could have not been more evident than when the entire OLSD and Berlin community "Family" came together over the loss of Gabe Reitter and his family.  The Reitter family were great examples of what it meant to be a part of the community.  They were friendly, caring and very supportive of each other, and everything having to do with Berlin.  They will be in our thoughts and prayers now and forever, and I know that there are some things being put in place so that Gabe's memory lives on here at the building.  Thanks to all of you for your support during this difficult time for all of us.


Academically,  we are currently in the heart of our AP testing and our students are going a great job putting all of that preparation to good use.  Teachers and students are working together to make sure that final reviews and classes are focused on finishing strong in AP land!


Also, every classroom in the building is working to finish strong after what has been an amazing first year in the building.  I know that the focus is to teach and learn up until that last bell.  This is so important because we have one shot to solidify the tone that has been set academically here at Berlin and I know we will pass with flying colors!  


Speaking of ending the year on a great note, there are some upcoming dates and activities, in addition to some reminders to all students that I would like for you to take note of and encourage your student to focus on as we head into the last couple of weeks at Berlin!


**Rising Senior Checklist

** May 21-23 - Exam schedule 

**May 18, 2019 - Variety show 

**May 23, 2019 - last day of school 

**August 8, 2019 - Junior/Senior Back to School Day (parking passes, pictures, etc.) 

**August 9, 2019 - -Freshmen/Sophomore Back to School Day (parking passes, pictures, etc.) - 

 **August 14, 2019 - First Day of School 


Thank you for all of your continued support of everything we do here at Berlin, and I know that we will have a great rest of the year!


Sincerely and Clawsup!


Berlin Pride...  Its Forever!  

Mr Spinner



Bears, what a great week we had! Prom week and weekend we’re both very very successful! 


All of our students had a great time, the venue was beautiful, and as the principal I am very appreciative of how they responded and enjoyed each other’s company!   


 With that being said, we have had a very busy but also very successful week!   Our students taking the advanced placement tests have completed their pre-griding with our counselors.  This went very well, and if there are any students or parents that have any questions about this, please contact the student services office. 


 In addition, along with the student services office, I held three very successful all class meetings today in the auditorium. We talked about academics, extracurricular activities, attendance, discipline and then we finished up with “finish strong” as our message!   Some schools choose not to meet with students as often as I do, but I feel that it is very important for them to hear a strong and consistent message about expectations. If you have any questions about the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me. I know that the student services office is going to put the PowerPoint on our website. 


 Last, as a way to thank the junior class for doing a great job this year, I am giving them a juniors only cook out on Friday during all lunches. Once again this is just a reminder of how proud all of us are of our junior class. Please have a great rest of the week and let’s all finish strong! 




Bears -


Wow!  What a great week leading up to our PROM!

I just wanted to let all of you know that we have done the following to make sure that all students realize we want them back safe and sound on Monday morning here at 3140 Berlin Station Road:


-crash cars with signs at both exits

-first respondents at all lunches today

-Prom Promise signed at all lunches

-AAA inspected 72 total cars during lunches 

-Anti drinking and driving / texting assembly


In addition, I know that you and our teachers have reminded our students to make great decisions at PROM and during the weekend.


With that being said, we are all looking forward to a safe, great and fun weekend, especially on Saturday night!  


Next, I wanted to let everyone know that our Freshman class has some apparel that they would like to offer to the incoming class of 2023.  The goal is to make sure they come into the year with the Double-Blue clothing ready to go!  Here is that information:


2023 Berlin Logo Wear


Last, it is hard to believe, but it is already April 26th.  I know first hand that our students are working VERY hard to finish strong.  It is so important that this is a consistent message across the board.  Academics, sports, groups, clubs, etc., finish what you started and finish strong!!


That is all for now.  A big Claws up to all of you, and I want you to remember that "Berlin Pride is Forever!"


Mr Spinner 



"Berlin Pride...It's Forever"



Bears -


Another short, but great week at Berlin!  We have a lot of things happening in and around Berlin HS!   We had a "Historic" turnout at our FUTURE BEAR NIGHT!!  What a great way to welcome 375 of our incoming Freshman Bears!!  


I would like to direct your attention to the following upcoming dates and times of things happening here at 3140 Berlin Station Road:


OST tests - April 23 & April 25


ART SHOW April 5, 2019 12-4


Historic Variety show - May 18, 2019 7-9 pm


PROM April 27, 2019 8-11 pm


Choir and performing arts performances - Spring Play-May 3, 4 & 5 


Exam Week schedule - May 21-23, 2019 


That is all for now.  I just personally wanted to highlight some of the dates, times and activities, but please take a minute to go on the website and keep up to speed on all things Berlin!


Sincerely and remember:


Berlin Pride.....Its Forever!!  



Hello Bears -


I hope all is well.  We are wrapping up what has been another great week at Berlin!  We had an OST testing day this past week and things went very well.   I continue to be impressed with our students and teachers ability to be flexible and work hard to always give 100% on days that are not "normal" teaching days and the schedule is a little different.  Thank you as well to parents for making sure that your student was to school on time and ready to test!  We have additional days on the horizon, so please make sure you visit the website for all of the OST information.  


Additionally, we have some pretty cool events coming up at 3140 Berlin Station Road.  On 4/16, we will have our FUTURE BEAR night.  From 6:00-7:00, we will have tables set up in the commons for groups, clubs and activities
so they are able to share all of the great things happening in those areas.
  Our school store will be open as well, and I know that Mr Weaver and the BEARS DEN staff are ready to help with all Berlin gear!  At 7:00, all of the students, staff and admin team will move into the auditorium.  This event is for all incoming Bears and parents to Berlin!  


Last, we have several upcoming dates and times on the schedule, and I would encourage you to come up and catch a ballgame or a match when you are able to do so!


Thank you and remember.....  Berlin Pride - Its forever!! 



"Berlin Pride...It's Forever"


Todd Spinner


Olentangy Berlin HS




Bears -


The first week back from break has been a great one!  In the building, I have been able to touch base with many students and interact with classes about all kinds of educational topics and ideas.  Outside of the building, many of our Spring sports teams have experienced that very exciting HISTORIC first victory!!  With 28 Varsity sports covering the 3 seasons, there are certainly plenty of opportunities to see the students compete, learn and grow!  In addition, our choirs, orchestra, theater and bands have been very successful up on stage and some have advanced to the state level...  how exciting!!  


With all of that being said, we are now getting ready to head into some testing periods and end of the year (believe it or not) activities.  I would encourage all of you to make sure that you are checking the building, district and extra curricular calendars so as to be on top of everything associated with the DOUBLEBLUE!    


Here is a snapshot of some upcoming events and activities, but certainly not all of them..



6:00-7:00 - groups, clubs, activities, teams, organizations set up in commons to advertise and promote their programs.

7:00-8:00 - Mr Spinner, the admin team, counselors and athletic department will be in the auditorium to present information about Berlin and answer questions for all Future Bears.  


April 27th - PROM

8:00-11:00 - Northstar golf clubhouse

Contact Mr Haugk or Mrs Taylor with questions

$40.00 a ticket - Prom tickets purchased Here.  


May 18th - 1st ever "Berlin Presents" - VARIETY SHOW

7:00-9:00 - auditorium

Auditions will be on 4/17 and 4/18 - see Mrs Bush for questions


As I said earlier, there are many more dates, times and activities, but I wanted to make sure I get these out early and often!


Please continue to stress the importance of finishing strong to your student.  We are constantly reminding them to stay the course, control what they can control and finish strong!


Thank you for all that you do to support us here at 3140 Berlin Station Road!


Claws up!


Mr Spinner 




We had a fantastic week (besides some elevator issues), this past week at Berlin!  I am proud of everything we have accomplished the first 3 quarters of the year.  Our students have been focused and passionate about making this a great first year at OBHS.  In fact, as I write this, I am only 10 minutes removed from our entire gymnasium standing shoulder to shoulder singing the ALMA MATER at the top of their lungs.  I have been in public education for 25 years, and I have never seen that happen before.  This is a testament to the FAMILY that we have built here in the building.  Without a positive culture and climate and a strong sense of right and wrong, it is almost impossible to have a true academic learning experience.  


Please take a few minutes to review the website and as the weather warms up maybe take in a track meet, a lax game, volleyball game, softball, baseball etc..  One thing that I would like to draw your attention to is our very first and historic Variety show on Saturday, May 18th from 7:00-9:00 pm in the auditorium.  Mark this one down and there will be many more details to come!! 

Thanks again and GO BEARS!!

CLAWS UP!!      





Another great week at Olentangy Berlin high school.  The pride our students have for the DOUBLEBLUE was on display all week during spirit week!!  


I have listed some upcoming dates and times below but the main focus this week is  finishing the quarter strong!   


There are many reasons I love being the principal at Olentangy Berlin, but one of my favorite parts of the day is popping in and out of classrooms and watching our students push themselves academically and challenge themselves day in and day out!  


I know that they will finish strong and will continue to ask questions in order to be a successful as possible.  In that same regard, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding anything  having to do with Berlin high school.  


  • Contest Preview Concert-Band and Choirs-March 10th at 3:00 pm in the Auditorium

  • End of third quarter-March 14th

  • Teacher workday-March 15th-No School

  • Spring Play-May 3-5-in the Auditorium


Sincerely and CLAWS UP!


Mr Spinner 



Bears -


Another Great week at Berlin!  I am so proud of what is happening in and around the building.  We are doing all of this as a TEAM!!  Shoulder to Shoulder!!


Here is just a taste of what we are in the process of celebrating, working on and wrapping up:  


1. Our Juniors responded very well to round 2 of the ACT!  Mother Nature canceled the first one, but our 11th grade students came back the next time and really did a great job of being on time, being prepared and giving 100% on the ACT!!  


2. Our 2nd NHS sponsored blood drive of the year is today.  The goal is to collect over 40 pints.  The first blood drive goal was 20 pints, but we donated a total of 40.  Our Bear students and staff really rose to the occasion!    


3. Spirit week next week - March 4th - 8th

  1. Monday- sweatpants / comfy / footy pajamas

  2. Tuesday- Tropical Tuesday 

  3. Wednesday- Groutfit. 

  4. Thursday- “Jersey Thursday”

  5. Friday - DOUBLEBLUE! 

**This is a great week to have spirit week.  Weather is a little colder and our students and staff can have some fun with it.**


4. Seussical the musical starts tonight!!  

Fri and sat - 7:00

Sunday- 3:00 

Over 80 students involved and Mrs Mimna (English Teacher) is in it.  


5.   Our first ever dodge-ball (Student vs Student and Student vs Staff game) is on the horizon...  questions??Lauren Pratt and LeAnn Shepfer


6.  Some of our Gymnastics girls and wrestlers are still competing.  We celebrated with announcements and banners and pictures all day long!


That is all for now.  Please continue to communicate if you have any questions or comments and I look forward to seeing you in or around the building!




Mr Spinner 



Bears-It has been another great week here at Berlin.  Just a couple of reminders.


- The ACT remake will be on Wednesday February 27th for the Juniors ONLY.  Juniors need to be in their assigned classrooms by 7:20 am.  Freshmen and Sophomores do not need to be in school that day.


- The student of the Month Ceremony for those nominated students will be on Tuesday February 26th at 6:45 am in the Overlook.


- We had a very successful parent/teacher conference night.  Please continue to make sure you are communicating with your student's teachers.  We want to make sure they have every opportunity to be as successful as possible.  


I would encourage you to continue to follow the Olentangy Berlin social media sites so that you are as informed as possible, and once again, thank you for your consistent support!




Mr. Spinner

Claws up!!!!



Bears - Great week this week!  Even with the 2 hour delay and PD day on Friday, we accomplished a lot as a building!  


Black history month is in full swing. Remind your students to vote for the most influential.  Our students have been discussing and talking about the influences these great Americans have had on our country.  A lot of good educational conversations!


Also, we are in the running for the most spirited high school in the country.   Please vote everyday and also vote on different devices!

America's Most Spirited High School Voting


Scheduling portals are closed, but our students did a great job of scheduling classes for next year.  If you have a question about a schedule, please remind your student to ask the counselors!


Last, we are continuing to move further into the 9 weeks.  I appreciate your support and interest with your student's education, please keep this up and work with your student to stay on top of everything academic.  

Thank you for all of your continued support, and I hope to see you soon!









What a great past week at 3140 Berlin Station Rd.! The weather cooperated and we were able to be together the entire five days, great being back with the family! 


We found out this week that we are one of five national finalists for America’s most spirited high school! What an honor and I know that with everyone’s help we can finish number one! 


In addition, our Black history month activities are in full swing. We have a tournament style bracket happening and our students are voting daily  and having very educational and constructive conversations!  


Our students have been working on scheduling for the last few weeks and our counseling team has done a tremendous job making sure that the students are getting the classes that they need and what they have signed up for. Please encourage your students to make sure they are on top of this. 


Lastly, our juniors just got finished preparing for the ACT test. They finished their pre-registration and will  take the test on February 20th.  Only juniors will come to school on this day. They need to be in their testing room at 7:20 or they will  not be able to take the test. Please help us accomplish this feat.  This day will be considered a virtual school day for freshman and sophomore students as they do not have to come to school on that day. For more information.


 Thank you for all of your continued support and CLAWS UP!!  



Bears -


Well, we made it through the polar vortex...  The weather looks to be clearing up for next week and it should be business as usual.  I will keep my message short this week, but would like to send a few reminders:


1 - Students should be inputting schedule requests into the portal as it closes Feb 8th at 8:00am.  Also, students should fill out a hard copy as a back up


2 - The ACT review (ACT Bootcamp) is on Feb 15th (PD day, no school) from 8-4:00 at OBHS.  It is $90.00 and open to all juniors.  If you have questions, please call 614 834 8886.


3 -Principal's remind and twitter pages.  We are doing everything we can to keep everyone up to speed on all things Berlin.  However, some people prefer email, some like twitter and others like to just browse the BEAR TRACKS NEWSLETTER.  I would encourage you to use what works for you, but wanted to let you know all of the options.  Those addresses are listed below.

  • OlentangyBerlinBears @Todd_Spinner
  • OBHS Student Services @ObhsStudent
  • OBHS Student Services on Facebook
  • Olentangy Berlin High School Athletics @BerlinBearsAD
  • Principal's Remind:
  • Freshmen:
    Text @berlin2022 to 81010
    Text @berlin2021 to 81010
    Text @2020berlin to 81010


That is all for now.  I look forward to seeing everyone back and warm here in the building on Monday!





Hello Bears - Great week this week!  We had some adjusted schedules, but overall, our Bears made it through with flying colors!  This is a very light message today, but I just want to remind all students and parents that the scheduling portal is open and students should be inputting schedule requests for next school year at this time.  That is all for now, I hope you have a great weekend and I will see you around the high school or at an event!!

Berlin Pride...It's Forever!! 

Claws up!  





Hello Bears - 

What a great week!  We had several meetings, games and activities in addition to all of our classroom lessons this past week.  Even with a day out of school for a snow day, a lot was accomplished at 3140 Berlin Station Road!  In fact, in honor of our class of 2020's leadership, I worked with Kroger and our parents to have breakfast served to all of them this morning. 


All juniors were able to get together for 30 minutes and enjoy eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, chocolate milk, juice, friendship and fellowship!!  I am very thankful for all of their leadership and am proud of all of them! 


I was also able to meet with our future Bears at Berkshire as well as Hyatts and have some great conversations with all of them along with our counselors.  We talked about scheduling and about their futures at Berlin.  In addition, we had a GREAT rising bear meeting this week with parents and teachers in our auditorium.  Scheduling and anything Academic based were the topics!!


That is all for now.  As always, I appreciate all of your support and enthusiasm when it comes to OBHS!!  


Sincerely and CLAWS UP!!  




Bears -


Great first week back in 2019!  Our classes are getting into full second semester gear and students are now back into the routine of getting up early and focusing on academics, athletics, etc...  With that being said, I wanted to just touch base on a few things that are coming up on the radar and make sure that everyone is on point with where we are going here at Berlin!


First, our winter sports and activities are at the half way point and are getting better everyday.   Our student athletes are working hard in and outside of school and representing Berlin with class!  In addition, I was just bragging this morning to a parent about our choir performance a few days ago when we opened up our doors to all of our middle schools and they performed together on one stage.  Trust me, if you have not heard our choir perform our Alma Mater, please take the time to do so, it is something special!  


Next, we have a lot of new drivers now that the year is half way over.  Please make sure your student has a parking permit in their car and that it is properly displayed.  Warnings have been issued, and tickets will be given to all students that do not have the hang tag properly displayed.  Each ticket is $10.00.  The goal is not to issue any tickets, but we need to make sure we know who is in the lot at all times.  As I said, in addition to all of our announcements, I appreciate you helping send this message and reminding your student.  


Last, our grades are final and on the parent portal.  Please take some time to sit down with your student to discuss grades and next steps as far as academics are concerned.  We have some meetings coming up in the next few weeks that are specifically for scheduling and registration purposes.  If you have these conversations now with your student, it will get them in the right frame of mind so they are focused on classes and future coursework.  


Here is the link for all of our upcoming dates and activities revolving around scheduling and the process.


That is all for now.  I appreciate all of your constant support and remember....  "Berlin Pride...It's Forever"



Mr. Spinner



Hello Bears,

 I hope everyone had a very safe, happy and healthy holiday break!  The building was quiet, but things are now starting to ramp up.  Our entire staff was in the building today preparing for the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year!

With that being said, please take a look at the information on our website so that everyone is on the same page here at OBHS!!  The successes that we experienced during the first semester were a result of hard work and building relationships the "right way!"  I know for a fact that we will build off of those experiences, and make the second part of this school year one for the books!  

Once again, welcome back and I look forward to giving the bear bump with the claws up to the double blue nation as we head into the new year!