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ACT February 26th.

ACT Review Class


ACT Feb. 26th

All JUNIORS will be taking the state-funded ACT on February 26th. It is a computer-based test and is offered at no cost. Students do not need to register. Only juniors will come to school that day as the district has classified it as a virtual learning day for all other high school students. 

More information:

* Test date is February 26th. JUNIORS ONLY come to school on this day. Buses will run on a regular schedule and the cafeteria will be serving a light lunch, however, students are free to leave after testing.

* All STEM and DACC students should report to Berlin for testing and will not report to their respective programs that day.

* There will be NO late entry permitted. Students MUST be in their testing rooms and in their seats no later than 7:20 a.m. or they will not be allowed to test.

* There will be no writing portion on this test.

* No cell phones, smartwatches, electronic devices or book bags will be allowed in the testing rooms.

* Students must bring a PHOTO ID, permitted calculator (no extras will be provided), and pencils with them. ACT Calculator Policy

* Please contact Mrs. Stearns, Miss Nicolay or Mrs. Smith in Student Services if you have any questions.