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Just What is Olentangy Academy, Anyway?






Olentangy Academy (OA) is a building located at 7774 Graphics Way, Lewis Center at the old Delaware County Campus of the Ohio State University.   We are not a school exactly, but lots of important educational work goes on here!  We house two of Olentangy’s educational programs.  Mrs. Karen Sedoti is the Olentangy Academy Principal. 

ACT.  The Academy for Community Transition.  The ACT coordinators are veteran intervention specialists Dawn Imbrogno and Shannon Gallatin.   ACT students participate in a postsecondary transition program to help prepare for employment or for entering other adult training programs.  Students who have attended any of Olentangy’s Specialized Learning Center (SLC) programs and have met all requirements for graduation have the opportunity to defer their diplomas to attend ACT. The student’s Pupil Services supervisor determines eligibility for ACT 

STEM.  Olentangy’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Academy.   Students focus on education which will develop 21st century thinking.  These focus areas include critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.  These thinking capacities are cultivated through learning activities that are hands-on, relevant to local and global issues, and presented in an integrated transdisciplinary approach.  The STEM academy accepted 100 freshman students in their inaugural year of 2015-16.  In 2016-17 100 more freshman were added.  STEM continued to add 100 students each academic year, and proudly graduated their FIRST class ever in May, 2019. Students apply for the STEM Academy in their eighth-grade year, selections are made by lottery.