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OA STEM students and OA staff members were recently invited to participate in the Tyler Run Elementary's PTO STEAM night.  (Think STEM but add the ARTS to that acronym!) Olentangy Academy STEM students Nick S., Sydney G., Lexie B., London M., Regan G., Raaghuv V., August J., Hailey H., Julia R., Adena E., Hannah F., Maison H., Pavan T., Diya D. and Sebastian C. displayed their STEM skills and learning with many experiments and demonstrations developed to wow the crowds at the event.  The Sphero programmable robots were a hit with the TRES elementary students and were hands-on fun! The purpose of the night was to develop an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and the Arts in the elementary grades.  TRES, their PTO, OA students and the OA staff believe STEAM learning is an important part of any child’s academic and social development because it provides rigor and relevance and leads to long-lasting learning.