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The U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines for school security recommends limiting school access points and implementing a visitor control system. All Olentangy school buildings have a security vestibule upon entry and a visitor control and tracking system. Information for school visitors is available here: Visitors School Procedures

VolunteerS & Volunteer Background Checks

Olentangy Schools recognizes the valuable service that parent volunteers lend to our schools. At the same time, the safety and well-being of students and staff is of paramount importance.

At this time, all adults serving as chaperones on a field trip (for children other than their own) or as a volunteer in a school building with the potential to be alone with a child must complete a district approved background check prior to serving as a volunteer. Parents will not be allowed to serve as a parent volunteer/chaperone until a criminal background check has been conducted and reviewed by a district representative.

A parent and district committee has compiled a list outlining the volunteer positions that will require a background check. If the school principal deems that a position not marked as requiring a background check on this list has the potential, in their building, for the volunteer to be alone with a child then they may require a background check be completed for those individuals as well. A copy of a building specific list can be obtained from the principal.

All volunteers must also complete the volunteer training program. An online presentation can be found here: Olentangy Schools Volunteer Training Program.

The excellence in our school system is due, in large part, to the involvement of our parents and their volunteer efforts. Olentangy Schools appreciates the valuable time parents and volunteers donate and we look forward to continuing that partnership in the future.

Please direct any questions you may have regarding this matter to the school principal.

Child Abuse Prevention / Mandatory Reporting

The Ohio Revised Code section 2151.421 mandates that certain people are required to make a report to child protective services or law enforcement if they suspect that abuse is taking place. The law requires that you make a report if you believe that a reasonable person would also suspect abuse or neglect, given the same circumstances. You do not have to provide proof when making a report of abuse. It is not your responsibility to conduct an investigation. In fact, questioning too many individuals regarding your concerns may interfere with a formal investigation.

Delaware County Children Services is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please call 740-833-2300 and ask for the intake employee. During nonbusiness hours, an on-call worker is available to handle emergencies and receive reports of abuse and neglect.

You should report abuse or neglect even if someone tells you that it has already been reported. You may have additional information that was not previously reported to the child protective services agency.

If you are a mandated reporter, it is a misdemeanor criminal offense to fail to report suspicions of child abuse or neglect. If you are a licensed professional, failure to report could jeopardize your licensure. If you make a report in good faith, you are immune from civil or criminal liability if complaints about you intentionally providing false information are unfounded. To learn more about detecting and recognizing child abuse review the Franklin County Children’s Services Guidelines.