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Olentangy Schools has developed special safety considerations to protect the safety of students, drivers and families before, during and after a school bus ride. Please review the general guidelines below and visit the Transportation Policy Information page for a complete list of bus rules.

Students should arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled pick up, stay close to other students waiting for the bus and wait at least ten feet from the street. Parents should create a Safe Walking Plan to determine the safest and most direct path to the bus stop and establish Safe Houses along the route where a child can go if approached while waiting for the bus.

Flashing yellow lights on a bus means the bus is stopping. Drivers should slow down. Flashing red lights indicate that students are getting on or off the bus. Drivers must stop no matter which direction they are traveling.

Wait for the bus to stop and the driver opens the door before boarding. While riding the bus, students should stay seated and not distract the driver.

Students should follow the driver’s instructions when leaving the bus and cross in front of the bus, never behind it. For more bus safety information, please call (740) 657-4080.