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School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer Program is a collaborative effort between the Sheriff’s department, certified law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents, and the community at large, which establishes and maintains a close partnership with the school administration in an effort to provide a safe school environment. The School Resource Officer is visible within the school community, attends and participates in school functions, Builds working relationships with the school’s staff as well as with student and parent groups.

The School Resource Officer initiates interaction with students in the classroom and general areas of the school building. This helps to promote and reflect an image as a positive role model. In addition, the School Resource Officer develops crime prevention programs and conducts security inspections to deter criminal or delinquent activities.

The role of School Resource Officer at Olentangy was implemented in 2008. As the role of the School Resource Officer expands and becomes increasingly more complex, so too does the role of responsibility and cooperation of the school system, its faculty, and the students and parents. In the past decade throughout the country, the issue of school violence and the safety of students, faculty members and parents at school has become a focus of great concern. Partnerships between law enforcement and school officials can be an effective and comprehensive investment in enhancing the safety of our school and community. Through dedication and commitment, we will endeavor to maintain a clean, safe, secure, and uninterrupted learning environment for our students, staff, administration, and parents. We will strive to provide a concentrated assistance in implementing sound crime and violence reduction programs, including components of a safe school climate, community involvement, building design, building security, and maintenance, and the fostering of cooperative relationships between our schools, our community and the Sheriff’s department.

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Unit reflects a nationally accepted program that places law enforcement officers within local schools. This program was designed to develop partnerships between law enforcement and the school community.  An SRO is a trained, experienced law enforcement officer who is assigned to a specific school by the appropriate law enforcement agency and the Olentangy School Board.

The goals of the school resource officer program are to:

  • Promote a safe environment, positive development and personal responsibility to young people, families, teachers and school communities.
  • Provide a visible and positive image of law enforcement by serving as educators, role models and confidants for students.
  • Assist young people in making positive choices in their lives.

Deputy Monica brock

  • Orange High School

Deputy Scott Gaines

• Berlin High School

Deputy ashley jenkins

  • Berkshire Middle School
  • Johnnycake Corners Elementary
  • Walnut Creek Elementary
  • Alum Creek Elementary
  • Transportation East

Deputy Lance Leonard 


  • Liberty Middle School   
  • Wyandot Run Elementary
  • Scioto Ridge Elementary
  • Tyler Run Elementary

Deputy James Mox

  • Olentangy High School
  • Olentangy Academy

Deputy Max Newman

  • Hyatts Middle School
  • Liberty Tree Elementary
  • Indian Springs Elementary
  • Transportation West

Deputy Justin Peterson

  • Liberty High School

Deputy Andrew ritter


  • Berlin Middle School
  • Cheshire Elementary                   
  • Shale Meadows Elementary
  • Peachblow Crossing Elementary

Deputy Aaron Siegel

  • Shanahan Middle School
  •  OASIS
  • Arrowhead Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Glen Oak Elementary

Deputy Doug Simila

  • Orange Middle School
  • Olentangy Meadows Elementary
  • Oak Creek Elementary
  • Freedom Trail Elementary