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The district strives to hold school according to the school calendar adopted by the Board of Education; however, to ensure the safety of the students and staff, there may be times when school will be canceled due to snow or icy conditions. The district encompasses 95 square miles, and there will be times when the conditions in some parts of the district may be deemed unsafe while conditions in another part of the District may not be as bad. The decision to cancel school is made for the entire district, and not for a specific area.

The district makes every attempt to reach a decision regarding the closing of school by 5 a.m.; however, there may be times when the weather conditions are changing rapidly in the early morning hours, and the decision could be delayed. While the district strives to make the best decision for all students, there may be times when a parent needs to make the final determination on their child’s attendance on a particular day.

The district will provide communication about closures via its phone and text message notification system. It is imperative that your contact information in PowerSchool is up to date to ensure you receive timely notification. Updates will also be provided via the district website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and on local TV and radio stations.

On rare occasions, weather arrives quickly and unexpectedly during the school day. On days when this occurs, the district may dismiss early. It is important for the safety of your children that if you work during the day, to please make arrangements for someone to care for your children if they get home early. Make certain that your children know where to go if no one is at home when they arrive.

Olentangy Schools understands that changing the daily schedule for any reason is disruptive to families. We appreciate your cooperation every day of the year and especially so during times when we are experiencing weather that can be dangerous for our students and staff.