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Severe Storm/Tornado

Severe Weather / Tornado Watch

During a tornado watch, or other threatening weather, school officials are alert for developing and dangerous conditions and actions deemed necessary for safety will be taken per building procedures. Phones will be in operation for emergency calls and for preparedness. Outside calls may not get through during a weather event. Additionally, during this time teachers review severe weather annex directions with students.

Tornado Warning

During a tornado warning, when sirens have sounded, seek shelter. Do not attempt to pick up students at schools. Disaster experts advise that automobiles are among the most dangerous places to be in a storm. If you are in the parent pickup line, please seek shelter inside the school. Communication will be limited during the tornado due to the supervision of students and the limitations the weather may present.

All Clear

Olentangy Schools consults the National Weather Service in Wilmington, Ohio for the tornado warning expiration and all clear notice. The siren silencing does not mean the warning has ended. After the all clear is given, students may be picked up by parents. Depending on the time of day the all clear is announced, buses may run later than normal. Any special announcements to parents will be made via the mass notification system and District website.