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Committees and Support Organizations

Olentangy places a high value on community input and involvement. The district has created several ways community members may volunteer their support and guidance.

Consider volunteering for the PTO or booster groups at your child’s school.

  • PTO Websites
  • Athletic Boosters
  • Performing Arts
  • Music Boosters


Olentangy Education Foundation
The Olentangy Education Foundation was founded in 1990 as the Olentangy Pride Foundation, a non-profit, independent organization of community volunteers. 

Olentangy Dyslexia Network 

The mission of the Olentangy Dyslexia Network (ODN) is to provide a community of education and support for dyslexic families while ensuring that scientific- and research-based services are delivered equally and with fidelity by Olentangy Schools.

Olentangy Military Families Committee 

The mission of the Olentangy Military Families Committee is to raise awareness about the resources available to Olentangy students and families with military connections and to ensure that district staff know and understand the policies involving students with military parents. 

Parent Programs Team

The Parent Programs Team (PPT) mission is to empower parents with information and skills critical to raising children in today’s world. The committee provides information through evening parent forums featuring experts in areas relevant to raising children and adolescents. PPT is a collaborative group of district staff, community members and parents.


Facilities Committee
The Development Committee supports district and school board efforts in the long-range projections of school enrollment, land acquisition to support facility needs, and design and construction of school buildings.

Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee brings an increased community perspective to the district’s finances. The committee includes interested community members who have legal, financial and/or auditing experience.

School Advocacy Committee

The School Funding Action Committee’s dual purpose is to educate the Olentangy community about the issues facing the district with regard to state funding systems and to advocate for the Olentangy student and taxpayer at local, state and federal levels.


Attendance Boundary Committee

The Attendance Boundary Committee is comprised of community members from across the district representing multiple geographical areas and all school buildings within the District. Committee members are selected through an application process.

Continuous Improvement Committee

The vision of the Continuous Improvement Committee is to communicate and share the districts academic improvement efforts between the school district and community members.

Diversity Committee

The vision of the Diversity Committee is to support the district’s mission and to ensure that the diverse talents, skills and experiences of the school community are valued, respected and supported.