• Transportation Customer Service Philosophy
    All employees of the Transportation Services Department are expected to treat customers, peers and staff with courtesy, dignity and respect. We are to perform with professionalism, be tactful when correcting a situation and kindly respond to customer concerns.

     1. Deliver safe, effective and efficient transportation and fleet maintenance services.

    2. Provide outstanding customer service to school personnel, parents, students, peers, employees and members of the community. 


    • Partner and collaborate with parents, principals and school staff.
    • Respond with solutions to concerns of parents and school personnel as quickly as possible.
    • Continue to work toward meeting district vision and mission statements.
    • Develop and measure performance goals and indicators in support of the district's strategic plan relevant to transportation.


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    Lori Carter-Evans

    email Lori Carter-Evans
    Director of Transportation

    email Daniel Maurer
    East Transportation Center

     email Amy Morgan
    West Transportation Center

    Important Numbers
    phone-icon  Phone:  (740) 657-4080
    fax-icon  Fax:      (740) 657-4014