Music Department

    Welcome to the Oak Creek Music Homepage
     Music at Oak Creek plays an important role in the lives of our students. From our general music classes to our ensembles of strings, band, and choir there are many ways for our students to explore their talents and ambitions.  Following the philosophy developed by Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly we believe that music belongs to everyone.  Starting with the natural instrument the voice, we work on singing in tune and developing our vocal instrument we believe that everyone can learn to sing in tune.  As we learn rhythms and melodies our students start to transfer their knowledge of singing to learn play musical instruments.  At Oak Creek our students become musicians in their own right through singing, and carefully crafted fun lessons in which they discover the elements of music themselves from the songs we teach and then practice what they have learned by applying their knowledge to instruments, reading new songs, learning the history of where the songs came from connecting it to social studies, writing known music, creating new music, and realizing that they can now read the music of the most famous composers.  Through this they gain an understanding of how music plays a significant part in our daily lives, history, and also gain a respect for all styles of music whether it be classical music, world music, or the music of today.