Curriculum and Instruction

  • OUR MISSION: To facilitate maximum learning for every student.  


    In order to fulfill the mission, Olentangy staff members embrace the model of professional learning and collaboration. We are engaged in continued discussion of the following questions as part of our professional collaboration and work to increase student achievement:

    • What do we want students to know, understand, and be able to do in each course or curricular area?
    • How do we best assess student learning for each course or curricular area?
    • How do we help all students succeed?
    • How do we help those students who learn what they need to know but may be capable of extending that learning even further?


    One of the key components of professional learning is ongoing teacher collaboration and reflection focused on the goals of increasing student achievement and fostering College and Career Ready students. All professional development for the staff of Olentangy Local Schools is designed with that goal in mind. Teachers of all grade levels and departments meet regularly and engage in ongoing work around the Olentangy Foundations: curriculum, instruction, and assessment. This website has been developed as a resource to highlight the work that is being done by our staff and is part of our continuing efforts to involve and inform all of our stakeholders— staff, students, parents, and community members— as we work collaboratively to maximize learning for every student.

Testing Information for Parents

Accessing Online Practice Tests

  • Go to the Ohio State Tests website then follow the steps listed below:

    1. Click on "Practice Tests", Click "Sign In" > Choose Grade Level from the dropdown > Select the test you need to take > Click "Select" > Click "Begin Test Now"

    2.Go to the Ohio State Tests Resources web page to access the answer keys and other practice test information. 


ODE Resources for Ohio's Assessments

  • Contacts
    Jack Fette photo

    email  Dr. Jack Fette

    Chief Academic Officer  
     Peggy McMurry

    email Peggy McMurry

    Director of Curriculum 
    Jeanette Kenney
    email  Jeanette Kenney
     Assistant Director of Curriculum

     Important Numbers
    phone-icon  Phone:  (740) 657-4055

    Curriculum Staff 

    EMIS Coordinator - Debbie Green-Murphy

    Curriculum Development - Bill Warfield 

    Data and Assessment - Tim Beard

    Equity and Inclusion - Jackie Powers-Merkle

    Diversity Coordinator - Heather Cole

    Gifted  - Lauren Heitkamp

    Professional Learning - Vince DeTillio

    RTI - Morgan Nagel

    Statistician - Ian Wei

    Department Secretaries:
    Lisa Calabrese (740) 657-4059
    Dawn Gellner   (740) 657-4061
    Mary Reid         (740) 657-4024