Career Resources

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    Ohio Means Jobs Ohio Department of Education website that will help you get information about career planning, education, scholarships, etc. Good site for students and parents!
    Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) Get information about courses and careers for your high school student!
    Ohio Career Information System (OCIS) OCIS is an interactive web site to assist you in career exploration, college searches and financial aid. This web site has something for everyone!

    Your Career

    What is it? A career exploration and planning site created by the Ohio Department of Education. Each student in our district has their own account that we've created for them.

    As a parent, What can I use OCIS for?
    • College searches
    • Financial aid search
    • Help your son/daughter with high school, college and career planning
    • Get information about self-employment, military, industry, and green jobs so you can talk more knowledgably with them about their options.

    What can my son/daughter use OCIS for?
    • Learn more about their own interests, skills and abilities so they can start planning for their future job.
    • Take assessments that will show which jobs are similar to their interests.
    • See how education from middle school through college is connected to their future job.
    • Provides alternative career paths for students who may not be interested in college.
    • Information and links to every college/university in the country.

    How can I check this out?!
    • Use your son/daughter's username and password:
    • User(students)= firstnamelastname (no spaces)
    • Password = student id + first 2 letters of their first name with the first letter capitalized. Example: if my first name is Jason and my student id is 123456, then I type in: 123456Ja