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    Last Name First Name Email Address School Name Department Name Team Number Grade Level Subject Area
    Adams Caroline caroline_adams@olsd.us Orange Middle Administration Building Substitute
    Ball Jerry jerry_ball@olsd.us Orange Middle Maintenance Head Custodian
    Banks Harley harley_banks@olsd.us Orange Middle Maintenance Maintenance
    Barkhurst Brian brian_barkhurst@olsd.us Orange Middle World Languages French
    Bauknecht Amy amy_bauknecht@olsd.us Orange Middle Intervention Aide Intervention Aide
    Beckstedt Lana lana_beckstedt@olsd.us Orange Middle Mathematics 7 Mathematics
    Bickley Jennifer jennifer_bickley@olsd.us Orange Middle Language Arts/Social Studies 703 7 Language Arts/Social Studies
    Bragg Renea renea_bragg@olsd.us Orange Middle Literacy Support Literacy Support
    Bratten Bethany bethany_bratten@olsd.us Orange Middle Science 701 7 Science
    Bridges Pamela pamela_bridges@olsd.us Orange Middle Math/Science 604 7 Math/Science
    Brooks Denise denise_brooks@olsd.us Orange Middle Gifted Gifted
    Cabral Hever Jennifer jennifer_cabralhever@olsd.us Orange Middle Performing Arts Band
    Callaghan Philip philip_callaghan@olsd.us Orange Middle Mathematics 701 7 Mathematics
    Castiglione Donna donna_castiglione@olsd.us Orange Middle Intervention Intervention
    Collins Jennifer jennifer_collins@olsd.us Orange Middle Food Service Food Service
    Coniglio Heidi heidi_coniglio@olsd.us Orange Middle Intervention Intervention
    Cromleigh Tom thomas_cromleigh@olsd.us Orange Middle Science 702 7 Science
    Cunningham Scott scott_cunningham@olsd.us Orange Middle Administration Principal
    Davis Jayme jayme_davis@olsd.us Orange Middle Guidance Guidance
    Demana Michael michael_demana@olsd.us Orange Middle Social Studies 702 7 Social Studies
    Dennis Dianna dianna_dennis@olsd.us Orange Middle Mathematics 803 8 Mathematics
    Dennis Scott scott_dennis@olsd.us Orange Middle Intervention Intervention
    D'Errico Nick nick_derrico@olsd.us Orange Middle Guidance Guidance
    Dove Luann luann_dove@olsd.us Orange Middle Administration Special Education Clerk
    Dulin Linda linda_dulin@olsd.us Orange Middle Intervention Intervention