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    Last Name First Name Email Address School Name Department Name Team Number Grade Level Subject Area
    Allen Rebecca rebecca_allen@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Science 602 6 Science
    Alley Susan susan_alley@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Physical Education/Health Physical Education/Health
    Allinger Bonnie bonnie_allinger@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Intervention Intervention Aide
    Arend Jeremy jeremy_arend@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Science 8 Science
    Barringer Lisa lisa_barringer@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Integrated English 602 6 Integrated English
    Beckley Robert robert_beckley@olsd.us Shanahan Middle i3STEM/Science i3STEM/Science
    Bell Denise denise_bell@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Special Education Special Education Clerk
    Biggam Valerie valerie_biggam@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Literacy Support Literacy Support
    Boerner Erica erica_boerner@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Social Studies 703 7 Social Studies
    Bowman Jeanette jeanette_bowman@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Speech Speech
    Braaten Alisa alisa_braaten@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Clinic Clinic
    Brady Libby libby_brady@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Intervention Intervention
    Breckler Erlene erlene_breckler@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Administration Administration
    Brown Amy amy_brown@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Library/Media Center Aide Library/Media Center Aide
    Browning Kyleigh kyleigh_Browning@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Integrated English 8 Integrated English
    Callison Shonda shonda_callison Shanahan Middle Intervention Intervention Aide
    Chirpas Gina gina_chirpas@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Intervention Intervention
    Chirpas Jeremy jeremy_chirpas@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Technology Technology
    Christiansen John john_christiansen@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Custodial Lead Custodian
    Cline Robert robert_cline@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Social Studies 701 7 Social Studies
    Couillard Talesha talesha_couillard@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Mathematics 702 7 Mathematics
    Dasbach Cynthia cynthia_dasbach@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Intervention Intervention Aide
    Davis Charlotte charlotte_davis@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Preschool Preschool
    Decaminada Gina gina_decaminada@olsd.us Shanahan Middle School Guidance 6th/STEM Guidance
    Dewese Dwight dwight_dewese@olsd.us Shanahan Middle Study Hall/Food Service Study Hall/Cafeteria Aide