Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

  • Clubs

     •Art Club  •International Thespian Society
     •B-KOM  •National Honor Society
     •Diversity Club  •Ski Club
     • Forensics Club  •Spanish Club
     •French Club •Student Council
     •German Club •Teen Advocates 
     •Habitat at OHS  
     •In the Know  
    •Olentangy Service Club
    Extracurricular Activities
     Athletic Training  Boys, Girls  Fall, Winter & Spring
     Band and Flag Corps  Boys, Girls  Fall
     Basketball  Boys, Girls  Winter
     Baseball  Boys  Spring
     Bowling  Boys, Girls  
     Cheerleading  Girls  Fall, Winter
     Cross-Country  Boys, Girls  Fall
     Drama  Boys, Girls  Fall, Winter & Spring
     Field Hockey  Girls  Fall
     Football  Boys  Fall
     Golf  Boys, Girls  Fall
     Gymnastics  Boys, Girls  Winter
     Ice Hockey  Boys  Winter
     Lacrosse  Boys  Spring
     Lacrosse  Girls  Spring
     Soccer  Boys  Fall
     Soccer  Girls  Fall
     Softball  Girls  Spring
     Swimming  Boys, Girls  Winter
     Tennis  Girls  Fall
     Tennis  Boys  Spring
     Track  Boys, Girls  Spring
     Vocal Musical/Keynotes  Boys, Girls  Fall, Winter & Spring
     Volleyball  Girls  Fall
     Volleyball  Boys  Spring
     Wrestling  Boys  Winter