• staff-email   Teacher curricular material can be found in the district's learning management system Schoology.

    Last Name First Name Email Address School Name Department Name Team Number Grade Level Subject Area
    Barnhart Linda linda_barnhart@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Nurse Nurse
    Barringer Jill jill_barringer@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Library/Media Center Aide Library/Media Center Aide
    Bartelt Tiffany tiffany_bartelt@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Performing Arts Strings/Orchestra
    Bassler Karrie karrie_bassler@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Food Service Food Service
    Benesh Charles charles_benesh@olsd.us Hyatts Middle 603 6
    Brown Alannah alannah_hayes@olsd.us Hyatts Middle 801 8
    Brown Diane diane_brown@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Maintenance Maintenance
    Brown Julie julie_c_brown@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Literacy Support 802 8 Library/Media Center
    Buckerfield Brian brian_buckerfield@olsd.us Hyatts Middle 803 8
    Burgan Donna donna_burgan@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Guidance Guidance
    Burson Theodore theodore_burson@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Mathematics 8 Mathematics
    Byard Melissa melissa_byard@olsd.us Hyatts Middle 701 7
    Campbell Nancy nancy_campbell@olsd.us Hyatts Middle
    Carnevale Judith judy_carnevale@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Clinic Nurse
    Carr Lori lori_carr@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Food Service Food Service
    Cowoski Hope hope_cowoski@olsd.us Hyatts Middle SLC SLC
    Coy Jennifer jennifer_coy@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Intervention Intervention
    Damceski Anna annie_damceski@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Administration Administration
    Darling Curtis curtis_darling@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Maintenance Maintenance
    Daum Elizabeth elizabeth_daum@olsd.us Hyatts Middle SLC SLC
    Davis Latoya latoya_davis@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Guidance Guidance
    DeRosa Stephanie stephanie_derosa@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Maintenance Maintenance
    Dieckmann Kristen kristen_dieckmann@olsd.us Hyatts Middle 601 6
    Fields Kip kip_fields@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Maintenance Maintenance
    Flahive Melanie melanie_flahive@olsd.us Hyatts Middle Art Art