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    The Olentangy Local School District recognizes the importance of employing counselors in the middle schools to support and enhance student academic, career and social/emotional success of all students. Here at OHMS, we have two full-time counselors who are in charge of developing and implementing a comprehensive school counseling program unique and appropriate to the needs around OHMS. Individual counseling, small group counseling and classroom guidance lessons in the academic, career and social categories are three common activities middle school counselors perform.

    Individual Counseling

    Middle school counselors meet with students in a one on one capacity when the student requests a meeting or when teachers, administrators or parents request that the counselor see the student. Counselors assist students with academic and career planning and problem solving as well as social problem solving.

    Small Group Counseling

    Small groups are formed when a common need arise for several students at a time. An example of a small group is a grief group where a group students who have lost someone close to them. Participating in a small group can help students relate with others who have experienced similar challenges. Students feel less isolated and learn from others as well as from the group facilitator.

    Classroom Guidance Lessons

    Finally, middle school counselors collaborate with administrators, teachers, social workers, prevention coordinators, and community resources to teach the Ohio Department of Education's Comprehensive Guidance Curriculum in the classrooms as is appropriate to the individual school, classroom and students.
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