Student Services

  • Welcome to Olentangy High School and the OHS Guidance/Student Services Department


    Olentangy High School Student Services offers a variety of services for our school community.


    Four academic counselors, Lauren Wozniak(A-D), Whitney Hamilton (D-K), Selena McKnight (L-R) and Mike Naveau (S-Z), provide academic counseling, including assistance with course scheduling, college selection and planning, academic assistance, and more. These counselors are also able to assist students with social and emotional needs.


    The Student Services secretary, Sally Shiverdecker and Fees Secretary, Kris Griffiths, are available to assist students and parents with a number of tasks, including registering for college placement tests (SAT and ACT), requesting high school transcripts, processing student fee payments, and using a variety of available college and career resources.


    Jane McCray, R.N. (school nurse) and Cindy Flannigan (clinic aide) manage the school clinic. They are available to help students with emergency medical needs, ongoing medical issues, and to provide support and education for health related issues.


    Amy Corson, the attendance secretary, is available to assist students with daily attendance, homework collection in the event of extended absences, college visits, and other classroom attendance related areas. 

    Attendance Hotline: (740) 657-4130

    A number of resources are available on the website and are updated regularly. Please contact (740) 657-4115 for assistance with any Student Services function. Our code for ACT & SAT is 361-910. Use this code when registering in order for scores to be mailed to Olentangy High School.

    College Parent Meetings 2019-2020

    • Senior Parent Meeting- August 21, 2019

    • Columbus Suburban College Fair- October 13, 2019, 1pm- 3:30pm at Westerville Central High School

    • Post Secondary Planning Fair- March 5, 2020  -  Please join the school counselors from all four Olentangy high schools at our Post-Secondary Planning Fair.  The fair will feature seminars discussing a variety of topics relevant to your students' future after high school. The Fair will be held March 5th from 6-9 pm at the Delaware Area Career Center Campus, 4565 Columbus Pike, Delaware. 



    • Funding Your Education – Scholarships and Financial Aid

    • Planning Ahead – plan high school courses, investigate careers, and discover tools to find, get into and pay for college


    • NCAA. A guide for the college-bound student athlete. For the college-bound student athlete, this website is imperative to the application process. All athletes interested in attending Division I or Division II athletics should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center during their junior year of high school. After registering on line, the student’s name will appear on a roster generated by the Eligibility Center. Student Services will upload an initial transcript at the time of registration, and a final transcript will be uploaded at the end of the senior year.

    Guidance Counselors
    email Lauren Wozniak
    Students with last names A-D
    Phone:  (740) 657-4117

    email Whitney Hamilton
    Students with last names E-K
    Phone:  (740) 657-4118

    email Selena McKnight
    Students with last names L-R
    Phone:  (740) 657-4145

    email Mike Naveau
    Students with last names S-Z
    Phone:  (740) 657 - 4116

    Important Numbers
    phone-icon  Phone:  (740) 657-4121
    fax-icon  Fax:       (740) 657-4198

     OHS Student Services