Student Services

  • Olentangy Liberty High School Student Services offers a variety of services for our community.

    Olentangy Liberty High School has six guidance counselors located in Student Services.  Our goal is to provide students with the tools they need to be thriving and successful in the classroom and their communities.  We provide academic counseling, including assistance with course scheduling, college/career selection and planning, academic assistance, and more. We are also available to assist students with social and emotional needs.
    You will find our Guidance Corner site under the Course tab in Schoology. 
    • Log on to your myOLSD account:
    • Click on Schoology
    • At the top, click "Courses"
    • Under "Courses", click "Guidance Corner: OLHS"
    If you have not already created your Schoology account, please Click Here 

    Mrs. Carlene Medieros and Mrs. Kelly Kelley manage the school clinic. Both are available to help students with emergency medical needs, ongoing medical issues, and to provide support and education for health related issues.

    Our Student Services secretaries, Mrs. Daniell Pickard and Mrs. Cyndie Salupo, are available to assist students and parents with a number of tasks, including providing information for college placement tests (SAT, ACT, etc.), requesting high school transcripts, processing student fee payments, and using a variety of available college and career resources.

    Attendance secretary, Mrs. Laurie Swallows, is also available in the attendance office to assist students with daily attendance, homework collection in the event of extended absences, college visits, and other classroom attendance related issues.

    A number of resources are provided on this web site and are updated regularly. Please contact (740) 657-4215 for assistance with any Student Services function.

  • Guidance Counselors

    email Angela Rafey

    Students A-Cl
    Phone:  (740) 657-4228

    email Ron Waterwash

    Students Co-Go
    Phone:  (740) 657-4217

    email Jill McGrew

    Students Gr-Le
    Phone:  (740) 657-4268

    email Jenna Purlee

    Students Li-O
    Phone:  (740) 657-4216

    email Brittany Vallier

    Students P-Si
    Phone:  (740) 657-4231

    email Bobbie Sisko

    Students Sk-Z
    Phone:  (740) 657-4218

    email Danielle Pickard

    Phone:  (740) 657-4215

    email Cyndie Salupo

    Phone:  (740) 657-4221
    Attendance Secretary

    email  Laurie Sallows

    Phone:  (740) 657-4230
    Clinic Services

    email Carlene Medeiros

    Phone:  (740) 657-4220

    email Kelly Kelley, Aide

    Phone:  (740) 657-4225

    Important Numbers
    fax-icon  Fax:       (740) 657-4298