Student Services

  • Olentangy Orange High School Student Services offers a variety of services for our school community.

    Five academic counselors, Pam Otten (A-De), Stephen Gunther (Df-Ja), Matthew Baumgartner (Jb-Mt), Laura Carder (Mu-Sd)) and Debra Harry (Se-Z), provide academic counseling, including assistance with course scheduling, college selection and planning, academic assistance, and more. These counselors are also able to assist students with social and emotional needs. The Student Services secretary, Ann Pfau and guidance aide Cyndie Vande Water are available to assist students and parents with a number of tasks, including registering for college placement tests (SAT & ACT), requesting high school transcripts, processing student fee payments, and using a variety of available college and career resources.

    Jan Mewhorter, R.N. (school nurse) and Conni Donaldson (clinic aide) manage the school clinic. They are available to help students with emergency medical needs, ongoing medical issues, and to provide support and education for health related issues.

    Kathy Clemens, the attendance secretary, is available in the Student Services office to assist students with daily attendance, homework collection in the event of extended absences, college visits, and other classroom attendance related areas. Attendance Hotline: (740) 657-5130

    A number of resources are available on the website and are updated regularly. Please contact (740) 657-5115 for assistance with any Student Services function. Our code for ACT & SAT is 365219. Use this code when registering in order for scores to be mailed to Orange High School. Attached is a list of National Test Dates for ACT and SAT.


    Senior Parent Meeting - August 23, 2017, 6pm - 6:50pm.  Please note this is the same night as Curriculum Night which begins at 7pm.

    College Parent Meetings 2017-2018

  • Guidance Counselors

    email Pam Otten

    Grades 9-12 A-De

    email Stephen Gunther

    Grades 9-12  Df-Ja

    email Matt Baumgartner

    Grades 9-12   Jb-Mt

    email Laura Carder

    Grades 9-12 Mu-Sd

    email Debra Harry

    Grades 9-12 Se-Z

    email Ann Pfau

    Phone:  (740) 657-5121

    email Cyndie Vande Water

    Phone:  (740) 657-5115
    Attendance Secretary

    email Kathy Clemens

    Phone:  (740) 657-5130
    Clinic Services

    email Jan Mewhorter

    Phone: (740) 657-5125


    email  Conni Donaldson, Aide

    Phone: (740) 657-5124