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    Last Name First Name Email Address School Name Department Name Team Number Grade Level Subject Area
    Angel Sarah sarah_angel@olsd.us Orange High Science Science
    Archer Stephanie stephanie_archer@olsd.us Orange High Mathematics Mathematics
    Arganbright Dawn dawn_arganbright@olsd.us Orange High Intervention Intervention
    Arnett Jasmine jasmine_arnett@olsd.us Orange High Fam/Consumer Science Fam/Consumer Science
    Bachmann Andrew drew_bachmann@olsd.us Orange High Mathematics Mathematics
    Baertsche Brian brian_baertsche@olsd.us Orange High Language Arts Language Arts
    Bahen Gregory gregory_bahen@olsd.us Orange High Intervention Intervention Aide
    Bahnick Ken ken_bahnick@olsd.us Orange High Parking Attendant Parking Attendant
    Barden Alicia alicia_barden@olsd.us Orange High Language Arts Language Arts
    Bartfay Alec alec_bartfay@olsd.us Orange High Building Substitute Building Substitute
    Battistone Joshua joshua_battistone@olsd.us Orange High Administration Assistant Principal
    Baumgartner Matthew matt_baumgartner@olsd.us Orange High Guidance Guidance (Lb - O)
    Beattie Julie julie_beattie@olsd.us Orange High Administration Office Aide
    Berndt Matthew matthew_berndt@olsd.us Orange High Mathematics Mathematics
    Binkley Gloria gloria_binkley@olsd.us Orange High Art Art
    birr Chris chris_birr@olsd.us Orange High Student Services Psychology
    Bleedorn Traci traci_bleedorn@olsd.us Orange High Athletic Athletic Secretary
    Borda Douglas douglas_borda@olsd.us Orange High Custodial 3rd Shift Custodian
    Borders Bobbi bobbi_borders@olsd.us Orange High ELL ELL
    Brooks Cheryl cheryl_brooks@olsd.us Orange High Performing Arts Choir
    Brown Matthew matthew_k_brown@olsd.us Orange High Guidance Guidance (P-Sk)
    Buening Michele michele_buening@olsd.us Orange High Study Hall Monitor Study Hall Monitor
    Burcham Joanna joanna_burcham@olsd.us Orange High Mathematics Mathematics
    Burggraf Jennifer jennifer_burggraf@olsd.us Orange High ELL ELL
    Cable Kelly kelly_cable@olsd.us Orange High Language Arts Language Arts