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    Last Name First Name Email Address School Name Department Name Team Number Grade Level Subject Area
    Alejandro Elizabeth elizabeth_alejandro@olsd.us Liberty High Social Studies Social Studies
    Allmaras Annette annette_allmaras@olsd.us Liberty High Intervention Intervention
    Ashworth Jaime jaime_ashworth@olsd.us Liberty High Mathematics Mathematics
    Aumiller Corey corey_aumiller@olsd.us Liberty High Visual Arts Visual Arts
    Baehr Lisa lisa_baehr@olsd.us Liberty High World Languages World Languages
    Banig Kathryn katie_banig@olsd.us Liberty High Intervention Intervention
    Baxendale Alison alison_baxendale@olsd.us Liberty High World Languages World Languages
    Bergamesca Robert robert_bergamesca@olsd.us Liberty High Intervention Intervention
    Birch Beth beth_birch@olsd.us Liberty High Custodial 3rd Shift Custodian
    Birri Samantha samantha_birri@olsd.us Liberty High World Languages World Languages
    Bixler Jill jill_bixler@olsd.us Liberty High Performing Arts Performing Arts
    Bolitho Jenny jenny_bolitho@olsd.us Liberty High Science Science
    Boone Cathie cathie_boone@olsd.us Liberty High English English
    Brenning Jennifer jennifer_brenning@olsd.us Liberty High Intervention Intervention
    Brenning Ty ty_brenning@olsd.us Liberty High Social Studies Social Studies
    Buckley Tifanie tifanie_buckley@olsd.us Liberty High World Languages World Languages
    Burke Julie julie_burke@olsd.us Liberty High Athletics Athletics
    Burtch Derek derek_burtch@olsd.us Liberty High English English
    Carr Jaclyn jaclyn_carr@olsd.us Liberty High Athletics Athletics
    Chapman Jennifer jennifer_chapman@olsd.us Liberty High Physical Education Health
    Chirico John john_chirico@olsd.us Liberty High English English
    Cimaglia, III Michael michael_cimaglia@olsd.us Liberty High Intervention Intervention
    Comella Mark mark_comella@olsd.us Liberty High Science Science
    Contini Stefanie stefanie_contini@olsd.us Liberty High Aide Aide
    Cousar Lisa lisa_cousar@olsd.us Liberty High Study Hall Study Hall