• staff-email   Teacher curricular material can be found in the district's learning management system Schoology.
    Last Name First Name Email Address School Name Department Name Team Number Grade Level Subject Area
    Adams Tracie tracie_adams@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Mathematics 604 6 Mathematics
    Addy Elizabeth elizabeth_addy@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Language Arts 702 7 Gifted
    Ailshire Meg meg_ailshire@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Food Service Food Service
    Almendinger Lori lori_almendinger@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Social Studies 601 6 Social Studies
    Arnold Sharon sharon_arnold@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Administration Administration
    Bagnoli Katherine katherine_bagnoli@olsd.us Berkshire Middle World Languages Spanish
    Baker Carla carla_baker@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Administration Principal
    Baker Eilean eilean_baker@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Food Service Food Service
    Bardash Kristina kristina_bardash@olsd.us Berkshire Middle World Languages French
    Barnes Carly carly_barnes@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Intervention Intervention
    Barnes Leanne leanne_barnes@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Food Service Food Service
    Barone Angela angela_barone@olsd.us Berkshire Middle World Languages Spanish
    Bassitt Christine christine_bassitt@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Math/Science 602 6 Math/Science
    Baumann Kathie kathie_baumann@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Food Service Food Service
    Beck Cathy cathy_beck@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Administration Administration
    Bigley Kate kate_bigley@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Intervention Intervention
    Bogard Thomas tom_bogard@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Science 703 7 Science
    Bolton Kiley kiley_bolton@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Physical Education Girls Locker Room
    Boroff Holly holly_boroff@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Intervention Intervention
    Bruening Marianne marianne_bruening@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Guidance Guidance
    Bubanich Meagan meagan_bubanich@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Food Service Food Service
    Budanich Meagan meagan_budanich@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Food Service Food Service
    Callif Holly holly_callif@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Science 701 7 Science
    Carpenter Alan alan_carpenter@olsd.us Berkshire Middle Maintenance Maintenance
    Castle Carol carol_castle@olsd.us Berkshire Middle School Building Secretary Building Secretary