• History of Johnnycake Corners Elementary School

    The original Johnnycake schoolhouse was built in 1874. It replaced a wooden school building on the same site, or perhaps at bit South of that location, the wooden building was moved to the village of Cheshire. It was used as part of a house. Allie (Tipton) Boston grew up there. The first Johnnycake School was red brick one-room schoolhouse that forty students attended, ages 5 to 18. There was only one teacher and it had no running water, just a well and outside bathrooms. Children had to walk one mile to get to school everyday. 


    Sarah Ann (Scott) Hotchkiss taught in the old Johnnycake School. Sarah's two daughters attended this school: Flora Hotchkiss and Adaline Hotchkiss Griffith. Adaline's three son's (Ollie, Winford, Earl) and three of Sarah's grandchildren went to the brick schoolhouse.


    picture of Sarah Ann Scott


    Sarah Ann Scott was born August 29, 1813. On April 2, 1837 she married Lyman Hotchkiss who had walked from Waterbury, Connecticut to Ohio to marry her.  They spent their married life on the farm purchased from her father in Berkshire Township, Delaware County, Ohio. She died September 12, 1870. Mr. Hotchkiss was born June 4, 1812 and died September 21, 1850. Both are buried in the Cheshire Cemetery. Their children were Flora A. and Adaline.


    Mrs. T.R. Galbraith



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    A wonderful resource for more information about Johnnycake history is "Ups and Downs Around Johnnycake?" by Mr. Jesse Smith. Mr. Smith's grandfather and father went to the original Johnnycake School. 

    Historical information was gathered from the school's scrapbook created in 2008 by Johnnycake Corners students.