• Attendance Areas

    Redistricting Process began in Fall 2016

    In preparation for the opening of the Olentangy Local School District’s fourth high school in fall 2018, the District conducted a redistricting effort to address the needs created by opening the new high school, including addressing building feeder and enrollment patterns.
    All attendance boundaries for the entire district, K-12, were considered in this process, as the Board of Education Redistricting Guidelines Resolution was used to direct the Attendance Boundaries committee’s decision making and recommendations.

    It was the Superintendent’s responsibility to ultimately make attendance boundary decisions. A Superintendent’s committee, the Attendance Boundaries Committee, was formed to examine data, information and feedback from the community in order to make an informed recommendation to the Superintendent.

    The District appointed an approximately 50-person committee with members with previous experience, an equal representation of all 24 buildings and all grade levels. This allowed for a representative but manageable group.

    The committee met monthly from October 2016 to March 2017. This committee made a recommendation to the Superintendent and his decision was made Tuesday, March 14, 2017.



    • Senior class of 2019 will not be moved from their current school
    • Does this mean I may have a senior in one school and a sophomore in another high school? Possibly.
    • When will the decision go into effect? By the fall of 2018. Some components may be phased in. The committee will make a recommendation. Final decision will be known March 2017.
    • How long will these redistricting decisions “last”?  Because our population grows in pockets and not evenly across the district, we will continue to need to examine our enrollment growth and population by building periodically. It’s unlikely we will be doing this large of a redistricting effort in the near future, however, it is possible we will make small adjustments every few years. However, the goal is for it to last as long as possible.
    • Is there a pre-determined “line” dividing the district? No, there is not a line dividing the district.  Over 25 years ago, there was a line that more or less divided the district in half. However, as we’ve grown as a community and a district, a simple line down the middle or two lines dividing the district in thirds is not feasible and does not exist. Our district and area has grown exponentially, traffic has increased, population has increased. There is no simple way to draw attendance boundary lines arbitrarily. Instead boundaries are determined taking multiple complex factors into consideration.
    • How will parents learn of new attendance boundaries? The district will make an announcement after the Superintendent makes his decision. The announcement will be shared via multiple communication tools: listserves, website and social media.
    • What is my recourse, if any, if I do not want my child to go to the school where they’ve been redistricted?  Olentangy Local School District does have an intra-district transfer process. A parent/guardian may request their child attend another school than assigned. If accepted, the intra-district transfer is good for one year K-8, and the parent/guardian must provide their own transportation to and from school. An intra-district transfer at the HS level also requires transportation be provided by the family. The decision would be good for all years attending HS.
    • Is this redistricting effort only impacting the high school level? No. While we are opening a new high school and do need to populate it with students, we also will examine enrollment and feeder patterns at all buildings/all grade levels.
    • Why did you redistrict last year, if we are doing it all over again now?  Last year, we addressed some immediate needs the district had at specific buildings that were significantly overcrowded (Shanahan Middle School, Olentangy Meadows Elementary, Cheshire Elementary). This alleviated a problem that could not wait until fall 2018. This effort is much more comprehensive and addresses enrollment patterns and feeder patterns at all grade levels and all buildings.
    • Where do we direct our questions if we have them during the process?  Krista Davis, Director of Communications, email address: krista_davis@olsd.us