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Transportation and Bus Stops FAQ

View the Olentangy Transportation Route Update and FAQ.

Who is eligible to receive transportation services from the school?

Ohio law requires boards of education to provide transportation for pupils in kindergarten through eighth grade who live more than two miles from their assigned school.

However, Olentangy Local Schools has chosen to extend transportation services to students in kindergarten through 12th grade who meet the district’s Transportation Eligibility policy. In general, resident students who live more than one mile from their assigned school are eligible for transportation services. In cases where subdivisions are within a mile or marginally over, students may not be eligible for transportation and families will be notified. The district takes into account the location of a school relative to the residence and whether the school is difficult to access due to the lack of sidewalks, posted speed limits above 25 mph or other hazards.

How are bus stops determined?

When possible, Olentangy Local Schools uses group stops. This allows for groups of students to be picked up at a single location, thus saving time and money. Home stops may be designated for students with special needs such as pre-school or disabled students.

Designated school bus stops may be up to one-half (.5) mile from a student’s home. However, as a general rule, Olentangy’s stops are less than four-tenths (.4) of a mile from a student’s home.

Why have the locations for some of the bus stops changed this year?

Over the last few years as the district’s student enrollment continues to increase, the district adjusts bus stops during the summer months to create a more efficient operation. This reduces the number of anticipated additional routes and buses, thus reducing the district’s expenditures. While most of these adjustments are relatively small, (an additional one-tenth of a mile) they are having a big impact on the district’s budget.

How do I find my student’s transportation information?

Parents may access their student’s transportation information online via PowerSchool.